playing together.

Sometimes, I take pictures aren't really exceptional, but are meaningful to me nonetheless. These are some of those pictures. Jake and Major bug each other a lot, but more and more they are starting to play well together and it's the sweetest thing to witness. They were so proud of this tower they built together that I just had to snap a picture really quick.

November Stories.

All the feelings on voting day.

His laugh.

Boredom busters.

Sunday nature walk at the Riparian Preserve.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Flagstaff.

Those Thanksgiving dishes won't wash themselves, so Jake and Major gladly volunteer.

Our annual #OptOutside Black Friday hike on the trail behind Mamaw & Papa's house.
Jake's favorite part of this trail is that it loops around the tracks.

Major was very upset because he was cold (I did not pack sufficiently), and had to be carried most of the way.

After Thanksgiving, we drove over to Kingman for Bailee's baptism.

When we got home, we promptly put up the Christmas Tree.

A normal breakfast, but they wanted to sit together.

I decided our day needed an afternoon at the park and a stop for a cookie at the Soda Shop.

A sick day.