How We Wore It: I didn't wear neutrals!

Time for another round of "How We Wore It!" In case you missed last month, this is a monthly link-up where we create an outfit using things we own, based on an inspiration image. If you want to, you can sign up for next month here! Today's inspiration is the outfit below from Chic Street Style.

When I saw the inspiration outfit, I immediately knew which top I would wear. I fell in love with this bright red top I got from ThredUp, which is, ironically H&M. I didn't think about that when we snapped these pictures at Scottsdale Fashion Square, but I suppose it's fitting! Anyway, the top. It's knit, so it's super comfortable, but it's more structured and has a bit of weight to it, so it feels dressier. I paired it with some Paige jeans, also from ThredUp. They're $150 retail, and I snagged them for $30. They were originally flares and after wearing them that way for a little while, I decided to make them skinnies. I've since altered them a bit more after seeing these pictures. But I love the way they fit! I don't think I will be able to buy Old Navy jeans ever again. If you haven't given ThredUp a try, use my referral link and get a free $10 to spend! Also, sign up for their emails because they send 10-20% discount codes and free shipping codes pretty regularly.

My bag is JoTotes, so it's a camera bag and purse. I had wanted one of these for a very long time and finally got one last fall. I love it! I am not someone who has multiple bags for different purposes, so having one great bag even if it's a little more expensive made sense for me. Also, I really needed something to protect my camera when I'm out and about.
This outfit definitely fits my formula of comfy, loose top + jeans. To make it a little dressier, I was inspired to add a statement necklace. I have a weird sensory thing about heavy jewelry (sometimes even delicate jewelry) around my neck, so it's not something I wear often. You can bet I took it off first thing when I got home. I definitely think it pulled the outfit together, though.

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PS, my sister took these pictures and I edited them.