the backyard series, no.2

Kylie's lesson in motherhood this year: when the children are out of control, go outside. Perhaps I should learn to do it before they reach the out-of-control tipping point? But, I digress. I have enough posts now about our backyard adventures that I thought I might as well make it a series with weekly (daily?) installments. The other day when we went outside, Jake discovered a patch of loose dirt next to our tiny patio. He asked for a cup of water. At first, I resisted. Then, I remembered this quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley that I have hanging on my refrigerator in hopes that it inspires me (apparently it does), "Whenever possible, say yes. They are only kids once."

Yes, Jake, you may have a cup of water. And why don't you go find your little blue shovel, too?

Major may have fallen headfirst into the mud. He's still getting the hang of stepping off of ledges instead of tipping off of them.

Jake sat there for about 45 minutes, making mud and pouring mud into the cup and out again. He doesn't relish getting dirty so he stuck with using the cup and shovel. Major toddled around and entertained himself. He doesn't have Jake's tactile reservations.

I love the sight of those two little round heads bent together. Makes my momma heart swell.

I'm so grateful we have a backyard. If there's one reason I hated apartment living a smidge more than any other reason, it was not having a backyard. As TJ said recently, "I don't think we could ever go back to an apartment." It's just so nice having a big outdoor space to play in that's all our own.


  1. That shot of the two of them "conspiring" above the dirt is so tender - makes me excited for baby #2!


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