The Witching Hour.

Every mother knows of that dreaded time of day...the time when the children wake up from afternoon naps, until dinner time. TJ typically works until 6 or later, so this time seems extra long to me. Jake often wakes up cranky from his nap, and Major is always needy in some form or another. We're all hungry. I'm stressing about dinner. It's just not a pretty time of day.

With the milder weather we've been having (read: I don't need a sweater), I've happily resorted to taking the boys outside during this time of day. The other day, I had an epiphany when I realized that the Witching Hour happened to coincide with my favorite time of day as a photographer: Golden Hour! Golden Hour is that brief window just before sunset, where the sun is low and lovely and even weeds look magical. I've discovered that the side yard right off of our carport gets lovely during this time, and so for a couple of days, this was well-documented.

And although the weeds made for some fun photos, play, and adventures, they have since been removed and we can show our faces proudly around the neighborhood again (thanks Dad!).


  1. Beautiful! Way to turn something hard into something wonderful. The days I do okay at that hour are when I've done dinner ahead of time--either crock pot, freezer casserole or just doing most of the prep in the morning, the best time to make dinner is ANY other time!


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