Old Naby.

 The other day, when I thought about trying a "day in the life" photo project, our outing to Old Navy (or "Old Naby," as Jake says) was the only other thing I documented. Major is kinda sorta going down to one nap, but sometimes he falls asleep randomly. Usually he wakes up being moved, but after falling asleep in the car during the 5 minute drive to the store, he stayed asleep after being transferred out of the car and for about 20 minutes inside the store. It was actually pretty cute, if you don't mind carrying around 20 lbs of dead weight. 

Jake whined the whole time about getting out of the cart. He's reached that independent-when-he-wants-to-be phase. You know, when he wants to be a big boy and walk around the store, but then suddenly forgets how to put his shoes on the minute it's time to leave for the store. Either way, we compromised and he rode half the time and walked the other half. 

A gracious store employee noticed these boys being a little rambunctious and gave them each a bouncy ball. The sentiment was appreciated, but am I the only boy mom who has ever wished a bouncy ball had square edges instead of round? Because somehow, I was the one who ended up chasing after lost balls.

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  1. Wow! These pictures are marvelous! I can't even get out of my house let alone take awesome pics of my kids! Two thumbs way up!


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