Major's First Haircut.

The less than stellar lighting in these photos will have to be excused as I record this milestone in Major's life. Major's hair has always been fluffy--from day one. I loved washing it because as soon as it would dry, it would fluff right up. From about 8-10 months old it was the perfect length to stick out straight from his head and make him look like a mad scientist. Then it got too long, and started laying flat. It was still pretty fluffy on the sides, and was long over his ears, and I knew it was time. Time for my baby to look a little bit more like a big boy.

In desperation last week, I texted my sister-in-law Michele and asked her to come and make the change. We took a tip from TJ's cousin, and put Major in the bath to distract him. It actually worked pretty well. I do not envy anyone who cuts a one-year-old's hair. They are wiggly little people!

Without further ado, the photographic documentation. Before:


And after! He looked so different and suddenly seems so old to me:

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