Major's birthday.

Major is funny when he wakes up. He's usually kinda cranky until he's fully awake, and then he just immediately snaps out of it, usually with an excited, "Da!"

It wasn't any different the morning of his first birthday. He woke up in our bed, snuggled under my arm, as per usual. He was wished a happy birthday by each member of our family, and then sung a groggy one as well. We all woke up and rushed out the door, Major still clad in his footie pajamas, to get Daddy to work since I needed to run errands that morning. After dropping TJ off, we headed off to pick up some giant bubble solution from a local vendor for Major's birthday party the next day. I've tried making it myself, but the bubbles just aren't as good as hers.

On our way back, we stopped at Bosa Donuts and purchased a dozen donut holes for a measly dollar, and the boys and I had our breakfast in the car. We stopped back at TJ's work with protein bars for his snack, and then headed to Trader Joe's. I picked up a box of Major's favorite cheese sandwich crackers and a few other groceries and then we headed home.

Our church friends had planned a little Valentine's party for the preschool crowd at the park, so Jake and I put together his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse valentine's and then slapped some heart stickers on an empty wipes case for his mailbox. At the park, Major tried eating sand, Jake tried swimming in sand, and we had cupcakes. It was really cute to see all the little ones exchange cards.

Later that afternoon, we picked up a "personal" bounce house from a friend to borrow for the party. The boys both had a blast testing it out, until Jake got a bloody nose and I declared it time to rest. When Daddy finally got home from work, I convinced him we should go out to celebrate the birthday boy. I'm so glad we did; it was so nice to have that time as just the four of us, celebrating the day we became a family of four. We headed to Joe's BBQ where they graciously honored their birthday deal. (A little tip--if you go to Joe's on a busy weekend night, the line is likely out the door. Go around to the south side of the building, where they have a walk-up window. There is hardly any line and you get your food to-go in about 5 minutes flat.) We shared a plate of barbecue, complete with two sides of macaroni and cheese (Major's favorite favorite food) (Jake's too), a side of beans, and a side of cheesy potatoes. I'm not a huge soda drinker, but I love their homemade rootbeer. However, we abstained since TJ has a goal of no soda until his birthday in May.

We carried our bagged food across the street and to the Water Tower, where we were pleased to find random park tables. Major sat in the middle of the table and we bribed Jake not to touch the water until he finished his food. As soon as that last bite of macaroni was gone, he was off to run circles around the mini splash pad/fountains under the water tower. We watched from a distance until we finished our food, then moved to the benches under the tower, as responsible parents should. Our nearness emboldened Jake and he got more and more daring, criss-crossing through the fountains and "accidentally" brushing past them. Major also got curious and too close to the fountain. It just felt so good to sit back and watch them be kids and laugh at their theatrics. We wound up taking to very wet little boys back to the car. After a quick stop at Target, we ended the night over bowls of ice cream with hot fudge.

It was the perfect, simple day. I reflected a lot on the past year and how Major has grown--how I've grown. He has blessed my life so much. He is spunky and sweet and makes me smile every day. I'm so lucky to be his Mama. 

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