major's birthday party.

Agh! I fell off the train. We had Major's birthday party the Saturday after his birthday, and that night Jake got sick, then two days later, Major caught it and we spent a week trying to recoup. A very long week. Both my Mom and TJ's mom also got the flu, so it has definitely made its way through our family--though, thankfully, TJ & I seemed to avoid the worst of it. 

On to the festivities! We invited our families, including the boys' great-grandparents and our closest friends to come to our house Saturday afternoon. Two of our friends ended up unable to make it, but our good friends the Persons did. I handed my camera over to Lindsay for the cake smash, so I can't take any credit for those super cute shots. She's a master! Since it was between lunch and dinner, we stuck with more snack-y foods. I tried to think a little bit about what Major loves, since its his party and all, so I made this Mexican pasta salad since Major's FAVORITE food is pasta. The recipe said it would feed 8-12, so I doubled it (see the black crock pot to the right of the cake in the first picture). BIG MISTAKE. We were eating pasta salad for every meal for two days. Because it was there, and it was good. 

My sister made the smash cake, my sweet MIL and SIL made a yummy avocado salad/dip, my mom brought fresh fruit, and Gramma 'Nise brought chips. I also made lemonade from scratch, with lemons we got from a friend. We also had soda left over from our Super Bowl party, and after considering making cupcakes, I decided to go for a Costco sheet cake (FANTASTIC choice on my part, FYI). I love simplicity, so I chose a black and white theme. The "Happy Birthday" banner was originally made for my grandpa's 90th birthday celebration last year, and the other two garlands are paper straws from Target. Paper goods were from WalMart, and other stuff the Dollar Tree. We're low-key kind of people.

I know kids can usually entertain themselves, but our backyard has NOTHING in it. I borrowed a "personal" sized bounce house from the same friend who gave me the lemons, and then I also bought a bag of bubble solution from Big Bubble Bliss. I had originally bought a kit from her at a boutique in 2014, and gave it to Jake for his birthday. She's since updated her wands and was so sweet to give me a new one! This is seriously such a fun activity for kids and adults alike. The bubbles are giant and a definite crowd-pleaser.


I recently put a lot of blonde in my hair. Surprise! Also, Major is such a good sharer.

I LOVE THIS ONE. I highly recommend handing the camera over for events you're in charge of. I was NOT in any frame of mind to get creative, since I was the hostess.

Our family is so blessed to have so many people who love and support us. It was a great day celebrating our little Major!


  1. Love! It was a great party, thanks for inviting us!

  2. I just ordered bubbles for Kymri's birthday party!! Thanks for sharing!


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