Major's Birth.

Writing this down four months-1 year after the fact was possibly not the best idea, but I suppose it's better late than not at all. 

My second pregnancy was more difficult for me than my first, although it was still not as bad as some are I suppose. I was more tired, having a toddler to attend to. I worked through this pregnancy as well, though being a substitute teacher required more time on my feet than my desk job at NAU did. As a result, I gravitated toward subbing in the older grades, which typically required less hands-on attention and therefore less up and down for me. My allergies got so bad that they kicked up my asthma and I ended up in Urgent Care one weekend. We also had the stress of trying to move right around the same time I was due.

Two weeks before my due date, I went in for my regular check-up. Dr. Holmes offered to "get things going" for me, but TJ went to Flagstaff that day and I did not want to have the chance of going into labor while he was gone. Jake and I had also been sick, so I wanted to try to get over whatever was plaguing us.

One week before my due date, on Thursday, February 12th, I went in for another check-up, this time with TJ. Dr. Holmes again asked if I wanted him to encourage labor, and I agreed this time. I had been having some contractions the week prior, and I was ready. So, he stripped my membranes, which was a lot more painful than I remembered it being. They said I took it really well and should do great with a natural birth, which was something I wanted to try for.

I went home and rested for a little while and TJ went back to work. I started having some abdominal pain and started timing it. Around 4:30 they were coming fairly regularly, so I made dinner and told TJ to come home. We were both supposed to get haircuts that night, so at about 7 we headed to my friend's house. However, my contractions were about 3-5 min apart and pretty painful, so we brought all of our hospital things, plus Jake's overnight bag and TJ dropped me off at my mom's while he went to get a haircut. I sat on my mom's couch and tried to breathe through the contractions, then I finally called Dr. Holmes, who told me to go on to the hospital and he would call ahead. I told him it would be about 20 minutes because TJ was still getting his hair cut. After hanging up with him, I sent Kyndra a text (she had gone with TJ) and asked how close they were to being done. She said they were almost done, so I told her to tell Mel to do a good job, but quickly because we needed to go. Nothing like a woman in labor to put on the pressure (sorry Mel!).

We ended up at the hospital around 7:45 and I was taken to a L&D room by 8. I had been planning for a natural birth, but I did not prepare like I should have and was having a very hard time relaxing. I was trying so hard to be nice, but I was pretty crabby and short with everyone. I was in a lot of pain with each contraction as they came hard and fast now. Eventually, Dr. Holmes showed up, coming straight from his daughter's dance recital. He's a jokester and kindly demonstrated for us the kind of dancing she did. He went to another room to get ready and I asked for an epidural. They didn't actually check me prior, which I wish they would have, because when Dr. Holmes checked me, I was 100% effaced and dilated to an 8. However, after the epidural (which was perfect), I was super relaxed and pleasant. Dr. Holmes broke my water and the waiting was on.

Eventually, I was ready and I began pushing. With my first delivery, I remember being confused and overwhelmed with everyone in my tiny L&D room. This time was the opposite. I had what felt like a huge room. I had only two nurses and my doctor. After getting Jake to bed, my mom was able to come down to the hospital. My sister was there to film everything. And most importantly, my number one was there. There is something about bringing a baby into the world together that just endears him to me even more. He was so supportive and so perfect.

I only had to push a few times.

"He has a lot of hair! We could cut it now if you'd like!"
"You're doing so great, he's almost here!"

Push and hold. Deep breath. Push and hold.

Halfway out, the doctor turned my baby's face toward me, and waved one of his hands at me.
"Hi, Mom!"

And then he was there, and he was mine. The nurse immediately put him on my bare chest and there we sat for the first perfect minutes. He was mine and I was his, totally and completely. 

"How do you feel?" TJ asked as he stroked my forehead and leaned over us.
"Amazing," I whispered huskily, my eyes dampened with tears.

Then they had to take him for the usual cleaning and measurements. I watched, happily exhausted, sipping apple juice and eating graham crackers. I noticed his hands again as he slowly stretched and tested this new atmosphere, those hands that were wide open even when we saw him on the ultrasound. I wanted to cry when he did, but I rested, knowing he was safe.

He was finally here, and he was ours. We would go on to get to know each other. That night in the hospital when he didn't want to sleep alone in the bassinet would foreshadow the next year of him preferring to sleep in bed with mom and dad.

It's been a year since that beautiful, swift birth. And the little boy he's become blesses our lives every single day with sweetness and laughter and spunk.

Welcome to our forever family, Major boy.

Major's Birth Story from Kenra Films- Kyndra Hassell on Vimeo.

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