Halloween Bats.

There are several tutorials for these toilet paper roll bats, and I thought it would be a fun mommy-son project to do. This is the tutorial/template we used. However, instead of using black construction paper for the bodies, I had Jake color on brown kraft wrapping paper. It would also be cool to use crayons on black paper or something like that. It made our little apartment festive for the holiday, and Jake referred to them as "scary birds."

Date Night.

TJ and I have been struggling to go on regular dates lately. I could list the sundry reasons, but truthfully we just haven't made it a priority and have seen the effects of that. Well, TJ's mom called us a couple weeks ago and said she had some vacation hours she needed to use up and wondered if they could borrow Jake for a few days. After a family get-together in Anthem last Saturday, Jake went back to Flagstaff and we went home childless. It was actually really emotional for us both, as we have only been away from him that long once before.

With no child to find a sitter for, we decided to plan some dedicated time together. On Monday, we went to dinner at The Keg, a nice steakhouse that we had gift cards to (thanks Roz & Nat & NAU friends!). We had a delicious dinner and tried to ignore life's stresses and enjoy being together. I got a top sirloin steak with a twice-baked potato, and TJ had their Thai chicken, which came with sauteed peppers and onions, and garlic mashed potatoes. Between our meals and their delicious bread and whipped butter, we were both stuffed. I'm grateful to be legit-pregnant at times like these, to disguise the food baby that results.

Last night, we took the opportunity to go to the temple and do sealings. I always love visits to the temple, even though sealings are a little more difficult when I'm pregnant (and I don't think the sealer noticed that I was). Since it was a Tuesday, we had the opportunity to see my dad and brother, who always go on Tuesday nights.

All in all, I think we made the most of our alone time, but we missed our boy!

Conference Weekend.

We really love General Conference. It's a time to relax, listen to prophets, and spend time as a family. This time, we made homemade playdough and went out for Yoko's during Priesthood Session with Mamaw and Ninna.

A Rainy Day at Grandma's.

The other day I took a few videos of Jake playing outside on the nicest day so far this "Fall." It rained on and off, just enough to cool things off and make for a very pleasant day. I thought I'd try my hand at video editing and put together a little film.

Rainy Day at Grandma's from Kylie Pond on Vimeo.

I don't do this very often because all of the videos I take are on my phone, which isn't the greatest quality ever. I wish my "fancy" camera were fancy enough (read: new enough) to take videos, but it's not. I decided to stop making excuses and try to at lease take decent videos and make do with what I have. The result isn't the most beautiful or technical it could be, but it holds sweet memories for us. Plus, Jake watched this like 7 times in a row, and only stopped because we had to go to the store. SO that's a win, right? He loves watching himself, and I love having it a little more polished.

I really want to incorporate video more into our family memory keeping (in a finished way), because it shows a depth that still photos simply can't. It shows interactions, expressions changing and forming, and, of course, helps record those precious giggles and squeals of joy. I think that the same thing applies to filming as it does to picture-making: the best camera is the one you have with you. The nice thing about my phone is that I ALWAYS have it, so it's always available to capture those little moments. With the way technology is advancing, memory-keeping is easier than ever, and makes a fairly decent alternative to the more expensive equipment.

All that being said, I really can hardly wait until I can upgrade my dSLR. I've been so inspired by bloggers like my friend Emma, my sister Kyndra (who did our pregnancy announcement video), Alexa, and Shelby. In the meantime, I'll keep practicing with my iPhone.