(Just to show how expressive he is. These were taken last month, in Flagstaff.)

My friend, Emma, has been documenting things that her daughter Holland (who is a day older than Jake) says, and I thought it was a good idea. It's something I've always wanted to do and even though Jake isn't talking quite as much as Holland, he's talking more and more all the time and says some funny things.

For some reason, he associates the word "good" with "food." And so:

Jake: Tree? Good?
Kylie: Yes, trees are good.
Jake: Nummy tummy!
Kylie: No, Jake, we don't eat trees.

We're working on other adjectives besides "good" for obvious reasons. Another thing he does is if he likes what he's eating, while he's chewing he will look at you and with his chin up say, "Good," sometimes naming the food first, "Kicken (chicken), good."

Jake: Guys? (Talking to me and TJ.)
Us: Yes, Jake?
Jake: Ummm, church?

He reaallly likes going to church.

Kylie: Jake, what are you thankful for?
Jake: Uhh....Jesus.

*** ***
So I've had this post saved in drafts since September. It's amazing how much Jake is learning (and repeating) every day, and he's now moving into more complete sentences. It's so much fun. Here are a few more conversations with Jake.

Kylie: Jake, what did you do at Mamaw's (grandma's) today?
Jake: Um, nine, ten, 'lelen (eleven).
K: Oh, really? And what did you have for lunch?
J: Um, kicken (chicken).
K: Yummy, chicken! And then what did you do?
J: Firteen (thirteen)?

Jake's response to a lot of things is "nine, ten, 'lelen," for some reason we do not know.

Kylie: Jake, would you like some barbecue sauce with your chicken?
Jake: Yes! Goober sauce!
Kylie & TJ: *burst out laughing*
Jake: (after trying some) Nummy goober sauce!

While we are eating, if Jake really likes something, he will tell us with the following phrases:
Tastes SO GOOD!
Nummy tummy!
(Name of food) SO GOOD!

When he's being silly, he will say, "Boonanana?" Sometimes TJ and I talk gibberish to Jake to make him laugh, so we're guessing this is his form of gibberish.

He loves to call people funny. "Mommy, funny? Daddy funny? Gake (what he calls himself) funny?"

He recently learned his full name.
Anyone: "What's your name?"
Jake: "Um, TroyGakePond."

We love this funny boy!

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