June & July.

Our summer has been, for the most part, pretty uneventful. It was so so hot and not at all easy for us to adjust to. Plus, as it turns out, I was in my first trimester the whole summer! I would rather spend my first trimester during an AZ summer than my third, but it still wasn't easy. I was uninspired (thanks to pregnancy and the heat) and didn't pick up my DSLR much, but I did get some of the more major events. The rest was captured through my phone and will be documented when I print off my Instagram photos.

In June, Skylar's back surgery was not as successful as we'd hoped and he ended up in the hospital due to debilitating pain. He was there a few days before they got it managed enough that he could go home. He couldn't go home until he could get up and walk unassisted, and he was not at all motivated at one point. After talking it over with TJ's parents and Skylar's girlfriend, Casey, we decided that having his big brother there would help tremendously. And it did! We made a quick trip to Flagstaff, and Skylar started getting up and walking around while we were there. He may have a second surgery next year, if his insurance approves it.

On another trip to Flagstaff, Jake "helped" Papa wash his car. Which mostly meant he soaked himself and thoroughly muddied the front yard playing with the hose.

Over the Fourth of July, our family trekked up to Utah for Grandpa and Elizabeth's wedding. We made a bit of a reunion out of it, and Grandpa rented a ramada at the Spanish Fork Reservoir for the day prior to the event. It was a lot of fun, and that night we had great views of several fireworks across the valley, which were topped by that gorgeous sunset. We also celebrated Kyndra's 19th birthday with a cake she made herself. (My birthday was spent driving all day, but Jake was an angel so it wasn't so bad). It was so nice to see family we hadn't seen in a long, long time. I'm a bit upset that I didn't get pictures at the wedding, but others did. We also went to see TJ's Great-Grandma Pond, who is 99, and his cousins Rhet, Zac, Maloree, and Jesslyn, and their families.


  1. I love that family picture of you guys! You may not think it's necessarily anything special, but I think it just captures your family well, especially Jake's cheesy smile! :)

  2. Dang. The whole back thing with Skylar is crazy! I hope that they can figure something out that works. I don't know exactly what happened with Race's back that made it get better other than an amazing priesthood blessing from a couple of men in our ward. They blessed him that he would heal quickly and be able to take care of his family. I'll be honest, those first few days I had my doubts that he would heal but he really has! Occasionally he'll get a tiny twinge of pain but nothing like that day we took him to the ER. I am hoping and praying that things can get figured out for Skylar. He is in our prayers! It is amazing what having a brother {sibling} around during hard times can do for someone though. It is super exciting that Jake will have a brother to take care of and play with!! :]


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