Jake's Face.

A photo from June, after Jake decided to help himself to my eyeshadow.

Jake is quite possibly the most expressive child I know. He makes this face when he knows he's being naughty, where he raises his eyebrows and purses his lips and cocks his head to the side, as though saying, "Whataya gonna do about it?" And I can barely keep from laughing out loud because he really is being obstinate, but I kind of can't help it. There's another face that he makes when he's really excited about something, like "Turtle,"(a movie on Netflix), or hearing a helicopter ("Ock?!"), or seeing his beloved aunts and uncles: he sucks in his cheeks and his mouth makes an ''O" with his lips covering his teeth and his eyes get huge with eyebrows raised. Or, he'll say super excitedly, "WOW!" except it sometimes sound like: "VEOW!" Recently, when he gets in trouble and we get stern (or, I admit, raise our voices a bit), he will shut his eyes super tight, cock his head and put his mouth in a hard line, sometimes hiding his face and sometimes peeking to see if we're looking. It doesn't usually help his case.

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  1. He is so expressive! :] The photo above is the best! I love when toddlers do something that is so stinky but sooo hard not to laugh at! It is frustrating but so endearing all at the same time!


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