Jake Turns Two!

Last month, Jake had his second birthday! We decided to keep it super simple this year. TJ's family came down from Flagstaff, and we went to and early morning session at the Gilbert temple with his parents and Grandpa Lamar and Denise. TJ's siblings met us at the temple with Jake, and then we all went to breakfast at Village Inn, where Jake got a free piece of chocolate pie. Then, we went to Grandpa Lamar's house to visit for a bit. Jake loved playing with their car collection. He fell asleep on the way home and while he napped, I tried to nap off a headache. When he woke up, we all went swimming in our complex pool.

When everyone was properly raisined from the water, we got dressed and headed to Cici's Pizza Buffet to meet my family for dinner. We chose Cici's because it's a) cheap, and b) pizza, one of Jake's favorite foods. It's kinda ghetto fab. I think Jake really loved it.

He enjoyed the macaroni & cheese pizza just like mom.

Then, Auntie Hannah spoiled him in the little arcade and bought tokens for him to play some of the games. He was surprisingly really good at this basketball game! He loves basketball, and he made several shots in a row. We were proud, for sure.

Of course, he had to ride with "Meekey." I'm pretty sure he had a meltdown when it was time to leave.

After dinner, we headed to my parents' house for Jake to open presents and eat cupcakes. These photos are all kinda (or really) blurry because my camera is old and terrible at shooting indoors at night (and I hate the flash). Oh well, it's the memories that matter.

He was super excited for this "Olath" shirt from Uncle Brady.

Contrary to the packaging, this was a toy helicopter from Auntie Hannah which he also loves. He got a lot of really fun gifts and was certainly spoiled.

Something really cute about Jake is that he gets SUPER shy whenever Happy Birthday is sung, whether it's for him or not. He closes his eyes and bows his head which is kind of hilarious. He actually tried to blow out his candles, though! There are two in the picture. His face when it went out was super funny, and he wanted to do it again. Then he asked for sprinkles and dumped like half a bottle on his cupcake.

That night, we also showed our families this special video we made:

KylieTJFamily 2014 from Kyndra Hassell on Vimeo.

They were all SO surprised and SO excited to find out that we'll be expecting our second baby in February! Hannah was excited, and then really sad because she'll be leaving for her mission to Mexico in December. We promised to send loads of pictures and videos to her, though. It's inevitable that siblings will miss out on big events when they serve missions. Skylar missed our wedding, Sheldon missed Jake's birth and the first year and a half of his life, but poor Hannah will miss the birth of another baby, and two graduations (Skylar and Brady). I know we will all be blessed for her service, though, and she is setting an amazing example for her brothers and nephew.

The next morning, Jake had lots of fun playing with his gift from us, a train set. Jake has been loving trains lately, so this was the perfect gift. He's enjoyed playing with it many times since.

We love you, Jakey Boy! Here's to another amazing year! I can't wait to see you be a big brother.


  1. Happy Birthday handsome boy! I'm so happy for you to welcome another sweet boy in Feb!!

  2. It sounds like his birthday was just perfect! :] Holland's did not turn out quite as fun as we had planned just because the weather didn't cooperate. But, she got to hang out with her favorite cousin all day so it was still good! Haha.


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