At the Park.

We had the opportunity to go up with TJ to Flagstaff when he made a trip up for work. It was SO nice to escape the muggy heat of August in the Valley and journey to the cooler pines. We went a couple of times in August, and one of them we spent in sweaters as it was a cool 60 degrees and rainy (amazing in its own right). However, the other time we went up, the weather was perfectly clear and so we invited our friends Rachel and Jane to walk to the park with us. Jake killed some time outside on his "Coneen" (Lightning McQueen) ride-on toy, then when they arrived we strapped the babies in their strollers and walked to the park a couple blocks away.

Jake and Jane had lots of fun on the swings, slide, and teeter totter. I love the picture of Jake with his tongue sticking out, which is something I used to do as a kid when I was concentrating. Jane is such a beauty and so adventurous. She went right down the steep slide a few times before Jake mustered the courage to go once. We miss having these friends close by! Thanks for playing with us Rachel and Jane.

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  1. How cute do the names Jake and Jane sound together?! Haha. She is so cute! And so is Jake! I wish I could do play dates with you guys! Moving so far away stinks! {Even though most of the time we really do love it here!} Also, it is SO fun to notice things that your kids do that remind you of yourself! I love the tongue sticking out picture!


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