Happy Things.

While the move and starting new jobs and everything has brought on lots of challenges, there have also been some happy things going on in our lives recently.

While working on my kitchen chairs, the Nelsons happened to stop by my parents' house. They live down the street from them and are the same age as us, with a sweet little baby named Jayden. We've become good friends with them, and last week, Isaac gave TJ, Hannah, and I a tennis lesson. I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would and we had a pretty good time! Making friends is not something that comes easily, so it's been nice to find a couple that we both like.

Another benefit to me being home more is that I am more motivated to grocery shop and cook. We've been eating a lot healthier than we have been (except for when we're at my parents. Mom has too much sugar in the house!). I've also started doing pilates a few times a week, and it feels good to be using my body and getting in better shape.

We practically live in Lehi, which is still fairly rural. Jake loves walks, and has found even more pleasure in greeting the horses and cows we walk past. If only it weren't getting so warm outside, or if only I could wake up and get going earlier in the day. Speaking of warm, we started swimming in April. Granted, we typically only go in up to our waists, but still. And by we, I mean Jake and I, during the day.

General Conference was a treat as usual. I came away feeling uplifted, and also duly chastised. Overall, I feel a greater need to be kinder to my family, serve others, and focus on the little, important things. I am so grateful for this gospel and how it makes me want to be a better person.

I've also been reading more. Amidst some fluffier reading, I've been enjoying The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox. Brother Wilcox has an uncanny knack for making the Atonement so much easier to understand. I've found myself inspired and edified as I've read, and I feel closer to understanding just what the Savior did for me, and for each of us.

We attended the Easter Pageant this year with a guy from TJ's work and his wife. I loved it, as usual, but a couple different things stood out to me this year. First, the birth of the Savior and how Mary felt. Becoming a mother has helped me understand that part of the Savior's life even more. Second, the parable of the Ten Virgins. I have always had this nagging fear that I would be one of the Five Foolish Virgins. Now, I know that fear is the opposite of faith, but I think this parable serves as a reminder to us to fill our vessels and be spiritually prepared for the Second Coming. I can think of nothing more devastating than to miss that opportunity. Last, I was impressed by the Resurrection sequence of events. I was touched when reminded that Christ first appeared to Mary Magdalene. He did so in such an intimate, informal way, and it hold significance for me as a woman in His Church. Christ needs me just as much as my brothers and sisters. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice, without which we would all be lost.

We celebrated a gorgeous Easter Sunday in Flagstaff. The weather was beautiful, and I breathed deeply in that mountain air. I was reminded of my favorite fluffy clouds and how big they are, and just how much I love that little mountain city. Without sounding too wishful, I truly hope we can live there again someday. I guess I didn't realize just how much I would miss it until we left.