At the end of December, we moved in with TJ's parents. We weren't thrilled about it, but we were grateful nonetheless. We needed a place to stay until TJ passed his first license that would allow him to start his job with Axa. They were gracious enough to give us two rooms so that Jake could sleep in his own room. I started working only part-time as my position transferred to Roslynn and Natalie. Though it wasn't easy, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I will forever be grateful to them for putting up with us during a transitory time in our life.

After countless hours of studying, dozens of prayers, and a lot of faith, TJ passed his Series 7 licensing exam. We moved to Mesa in mid-February, and stayed with my parents for about a week while we found an apartment to live in (most of our things had been moved down in December when we left campus housing). Although we had tried to look for apartments before-hand, it was difficult to do anything serious since we did not know when we would be moving. We had determined that it would be best to live in Mesa, because we planned on me substitute teaching part-time and would need access to babysitting my mom and Kyndra could provide. This plan hasn't actually come to fruition because as of right now we have not been able to purchase a second vehicle, which would be necessary if I were to work. Although our apartment search was rushed, and the apartment we found turns out to have a few more drawbacks than we initially knew about, we are grateful for a place to call our own and that we have a little more breathing room than our last apartment. 

Our particular unit had been uninhabited for about three months prior to our move-in. What I did not realize was that this meant bugs. Not just any bugs, though: roaches. Like most other human beings, I despise roaches. It took us about two weeks to be completely rid of them (after having the apartment sprayed a couple of times), but that first weekend we killed at least a dozen. I would wake up in the night with Jake during his adjustment period, absolutely terrified I would step on one. I actually killed a few during these midnight wakings. That experience put a sour taste in my mouth for the apartment, but now that the bugs are gone and I've decorated more, it's starting to feel like home.