November 2013.

November is in the thick of football season. TJ was invited to play in a couple of flag games, so one night Jake and I went down to the fields to watch him. Before the game started, this kid was ready to play!

And this is what happened when I had to take him away. We didn't stay for very long because he couldn't stay away from the field, and I didn't want him trampled by the players.

We went to Mesa for Veteran's Day weekend, and part of our stay was spent with our good friends, the Persons. Although Jake and Ryan are about 7 months apart, they are pretty good friends. We loved spending time with them!

Thanksgiving was also spent in Mesa, since it was our turn with my side this year. Jake really liked the mashed potatoes and playing with Grandma's basketball hoop. He also got his second haircut, which he screamed through. Poor Aunt Lawana. Evidently, he also loved the chocolate pie since it's all over his face in these photos.

I did a couple of photoshoots that weekend as well. It was fun to practice more and I loved the "fall" colors in the valley.


  1. You have some of the sweetest father and son photos! Love it!


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