Jake's First Haircut

When he was about 13 months old (so last month), I texted my friend and stylist Verity to see about a bang trim for me and a hair-trim for Jake. We had family pictures the next week, and although his baby curls were adorable, it was very much a mullet and the hair over his ears was driving me bonkers. We decided to keep it a little longer, but he cleaned up looking like a little boy more than a baby! I had TJ pick up a sucker to keep him occupied, and the whole thing went much more smoothly than I expected. The most tears came after we got home and I took the sucker away (after he'd reached the tootsie roll center, what!). Verity gave me his little locks in a baggy to put in his book, but with my record that will be lucky to be done by his second birthday.

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I have no words. Except, that's right, I'm that cool kids freakin Aunt!


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