Jake's First Birthday Party.

The time leading up to this party was kinda tough. Love them as I do, but family functions on TJ's side can sometimes be stressful (not that they aren't on my side...they just get together more often). We wanted to keep this party as small as possible since we were on a budget and didn't want to overwhelm Jake, who tends to do better with less people crowding him. TJ's extended family is much closer/smaller than mine, so we invited his aunt and uncles who live in town, his grandparents on both sides, his immediate family (of course), and my immediate family. We had invited my grandparents as well, but they were unable to attend due to another family function. 

Anyway, it was stressful for me. I tend to plan these things for months, but my elaborate plans never come to fruition. It's probably for the best anyway. I kept things fairly simple to try to minimize the amount of labor-intensive tasks. I chose a color scheme and I made a simple garland with scrapbook paper and decorated with balloons (Jake loves balloons). I made Jake's mini smash cake in a 28 oz tin can and it was the perfect size. We had the party mid-afternoon so as to avoid serving a meal, and instead had chips and salsa, fruit, crackers and dips, and served donuts instead of cake to the guests. Our families helped contribute with the food, and we served ice water for drinks, in regular plastic cups (no paper straws or mason jars for us) (though I did consider it).

We held the party at TJ's aunt's home in Anthem. She has a nice big space, a pool, and is as close to halfway between our families as we could get. She is such a gracious host, and kept her cool through a couple of unfortunate incidents (that nobody confessed to, though we have our suspicions). She didn't even get mad that we rushed off after the party to spend some time with our good friends who moved away from Flagstaff in the spring. I didn't realize this until the next morning and felt terrible, though I tried to make up for it by vacuuming her whole main floor and straightening things up as much as I could, and I sent a thank you note after. I mean, sometimes I surprise myself with how thoughtless I can be. Note to self: I owe Auntie Apryl, big time. Apryl, if you're reading this,  your wish is my command. 

Sometimes I wish I could be a better host, but I think I'll just have to face the fact that party-planning is not my forte. It is something I would like to become better at, however. Not necessarily throwing the most elaborate party, but being a thoughtful host and paying better attention to people and maybe a little less attention to the things that don't matter as much.

I am constantly learning the lesson that things will rarely go as planned. TJ had put together a video with pictures and video from Jake's first year, but as luck would have it, we forgot to show it. We plan to put it on YouTube or something (with a private link) so that our family and friends can view it that way. I felt terrible that it didn't get shown. As mentioned in the previous post, I left the poster that I made at home. And then, after fighting to get him to sleep for an hour, Jake slept through the first half of his party, so he was a little groggy for it, but seemed to have fun.

At the end of the day, we got to spend time with family and let family enjoy showering our little one with love. When he's not being crowded, he sure loves to be the center of attention. Our little ham, 100%. 

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