a poster for a birthday.

I'm working on editing pictures and getting Jake's birthday and party written about, but I'm struggling because my laptop battery is on its last leg and the charger has a major short. As in, I can see wires. So, for now, here is Jake's birthday poster. I copied the design from Angela Hardison (I don't feel guilty copying since I'm not going to sell this or market it as my own). I loved how clean, simple, and sentimental it was. I used mostly iPhone/iPod photos, and had so much fun seeing Jake grow through these images. 

I spent two hours teaching myself how to do this in CS5, and another two hours actually putting together the final poster. It might sound a little excessive, but I knew it would be something that I (and maybe someday, Jake) would appreciate for years to come. Then, I had it all printed up and ready to go and left it sitting "safely" on top of the bookcase when we went to Phoenix for his party. Then I realized that I had the poster saved on my flashdrive, but when the Staples in Mesa printed it, it came out way too dark. Whadayagonnado? I'll probably find a fun place to hang this in Jake's room when we move. I love the engineer print and can't wait to do a couple more.

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