what I really needed was the mountains.

There is almost nothing better in this world than curling up with a good book on the porch at the Cabin, with the rain falling in a summer monsoon. At least, that's what I thought until I got married and had a family. Now, there's nothing better than doing exactly that, but falling asleep spooning with TJ, stealing an afternoon nap while Jake naps. Now that is the life.

Around the tail-end of winter, with its slushy drudgery and bone-chilling wind, I get an itch. And for the past few years, that itch has been scratched by a trip to the beach. I began to believe the beach was my haven. I know that that wide, wide ocean and salty, damp air will always call my name, but this year, my soul needed something different. Especially since our trip to the beach didn't exactly go according to plan.

Actually, because the beach trip was such a stressful time that I began to look forward to and plan for the cabin. My plans involved doing a lot of nothing. I yearned for some down time, and I knew the cabin would provide that.

I was not disappointed.

The cabin dots its way through my childhood with idyllic memories of romps in "the meadow," scary stories in "the bunk room," and always, always viewings of Home Alone and its sequels by Grandpa. The cabin was always full of family and adventures, from bike rides at Woodland Lake to pretending the propane tank behind the cabin was a horse. Over the years, the cabin has changed a little here and there, as well as some of the favorite activities, but it has always been the perfect escape. Situated between neighbors in Arizona's White Mountains, the cabin has remained a constant in the Burgess family since my grandparents built it in the 1960s.

This trip was filled with much of the same. We made the trek to the Country Store for glass-bottled sodas, which was much shorter than I remembered from my childhood. We (TJ and Skylar) played horseshoes, while Jake watched from the porch. We grilled and ate good food. On Kyndra's birthday, we went out to lunch at a local cafe and were pleasantly surprised by the good meal. We watched summer storms from the comfort of the porch, and enjoyed a lack of digital service on our phones (at least, I did). We rode the go-karts at the track in Show Low. My parents, TJ, Skylar, and I did sealings at the nearby Snowflake Temple. Jake enjoyed crawling everywhere and being the center of attention. I reveled in the lack of schedule and spending time with people I loved, sharing a space that meant so much. Grandpa re-told the stories I've heard many times before, but somehow still manage to learn something new each time. This time: love, hard work, and a strict budget make marriage beautiful.

I enjoyed using my replacement birthday lens and documenting our trip with my nicer camera. The only thing missing was Sheldon. Although, I definitely could have done without the trip to the emergency room, but that is another tale that deserves the spotlight of a separate post.


  1. Great pictures! We just came back from a trip up to a cabin in the woods and it looks and sounds very similar to your trip! :)


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