eight months.

Jake is now 8.5 months, but it's OK.

Dear Jake,

In your 8th month, you:

>Reach for everything that is in your sight, including but not limited to: my necklaces, daddy's belt, remotes, food, water cups, food, my face, etc.
>Really enjoy riding on daddy's shoulders. You think it's pretty awesome.
>Can clearly say "Mamamama" and "Dadadada," with the first usually being when you are frustrated, and the latter when you are excited/happy. We are pretty sure you know what you're saying. Such is life.
>Love to stand and can easily pull yourself up on our hands.
>Still have yet to figure out crawling, but you lean ever further forward when sitting down.
>Like to "walk" with us holding you up. We bought you a sit-in walker that you like to scoot about in as well.
>Still love being outside.
>Still have no teeth, although were actively teething for about a month but it seems to have tapered off again. You're a chronic teether with no teeth to show for it, poor kid.
>No teeth doesn't stop you from wanting to eat everything you can. You've discovered the joys of Puffs and your pincer grip has vastly improved.
>Are very vocal and social. Daddy took you on the bus to come see Mommy, and he said that you said, "Aaah!" to every person that got on.
>You like babies. Maybe you just want to grab them and suck on them, but we don't allow things to go that far. You like to smile at little babies though.
>Are amazing for your babysitter, but sometimes a terror for Dad. I think it's because you're both the same. And you like playing with the babysitter's kids.
>Love playing with your wooden blocks from your Great Aunt Kathy. Those and your talking doggy from Grammy and Papa Pond are your favorite toys. Plus anything that is not a toy, makes for a very interesting toy, in your opinion.
>Had a bit of a tummy bug that scared mom.
>Somehow bit the inside of your cheek (according to the doctor) and drooled blood, which freaked mom out enough to take you to the doctor.
>You are such a goofy, fun-loving, adventurous little boy. I love it.

Pretty sure that's a solid update on your life. You're my light, baby boy. I love you forever.

love always,

[Started off sitting down, but you really hate sitting against the couch these days.]

[So I stood you up, and you were much happier.]

[And yes, I'm well aware that your pants don't match your T-shirt. I had just made them and wanted to try them on you. You were then being cute so I decided to take pictures. I hope you know I didn't take you out in public like that, and I understand if you're embarrassed by them. Ha!]

[And then you arched your back, meaning you were done with the photo shoot.]

[But I managed a few more anyway.]

[You look so toddler-ish to me.]

[Those eyes are so full of wonder and light. You have amazing eyes baby boy. You are beautiful.]

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