School has never been easy for TJ, but he has always done his best and persevered. In high school, he decided that he wanted to be an accountant, one of the most difficult degrees he could choose. After serving his mission, he came home and started working towards an accounting degree (meeting me around the same time). In December 2011, he received his Associate's Degree and was accepted into the NAU College of Business, and the Accounting Program.

After two semesters in the Accounting Program, TJ began feeling like he was no longer enjoying it very much. He disliked most of his classes, and we just couldn't find a career path that felt right. We started to pray about switching his major to Finance. After talking to his adviser, we discovered that changing majors would not delay his graduation, and he could still receive a certificate in Accounting. So, he changed his major, registered for Finance classes, and we awaited the new semester.

On the first day of class, his professor mentioned a recruiting dinner for Edward Jones (a financial advising company) that would happen the next day. TJ called to RSVP to the event, and went the next evening. He came home excited about the company and we both felt like it would be the perfect fit for him. With Edward Jones, each financial adviser is set up in their own branch, with an office assistant. They also encourage their advisers to find clients through networking and door-to-door contact, something TJ became very proficient at and enjoyed while serving his mission in Sacramento.

And so began a two-month long interview process. It was a long and difficult process, which involved a road-trip to Cottonwood, meeting with various financial advisers here in town, conducting a door-to-door survey (which TJ accidentally went way above and beyond with...contacting 57 people instead of the expected 10-15), and completing a "Day in the Life" activity (which involved calling numerous actors posing as clients and his office assistant, answering emails, scheduling his day), and phone interviews.

We are so happy, excited, and humbled to announce that his hard work and our faith has brought us the great blessing of a job! TJ will begin the training program with Edward Jones in February 2014, after his graduation from NAU with a degree in Finance in December 2013.

The blessings have not stopped there. We had heard a few different things regarding compensation during training, and we thought that I would likely need to find part-time employment. However, after being offered the job, and we found out what the actual compensation is, we learned that I will not need to find a job once we relocate to the valley. This is a dream-come-true for me to be able to devote all of my time to raising Jake and maintaining a home. I approached my boss to tell him of our plans, since they will need sufficient time to hire and train my replacement, and he has been very gracious and professional about it. He even plans to reclassify me, add a few responsibilities, and give me a bit of a raise in preparation for the new position that will replace me.

Throughout this entire process, we have faced many trials and difficulties, yet we have seen the Lord's hand through it all and have witnessed so many tender mercies, even miracles. I am always so humbled by just how very aware Heavenly Father is of our circumstances, and how well he knows our hearts. I am so excited for this new chapter of our lives, and I feel so very blessed.