seven months.

Dear Jake,

This month has been quite an adventure! Here are some things about you in your 7th month.

-Your bald spot is disappearing finally.
-obsessed with the Xbox controller. You will stare at it or reach for it until we give it to you. You also like to eat the TV remote. You try to chew on our phones, but we don't let you. We gave you dad's old phone and one of his Xbox controllers (minus batteries) to play with.
-giving kisses. You mostly do this with mom or dad, and it is so funny. Big open mouth, sometimes tongue out, wet all over our faces. You'll hold our face in your hands and come at us.
-giving "hugs"
-starting to get attached to mom and dad. You get super excited to see us, and cry sometimes when left with the babysitter.
-TRYING SO HARD TO CRAWL. You do a modified army-crawl, where you drag yourself forward on both arms at once, face down, bum in the air. It's pretty cute until you get frustrated and start to cry.
-TEETHING. I don't want to talk about it.
-The weather is finally starting to warm up, and we are re-discovering your love of the outdoors. Now I remember how we used to walk around the complex when you were little just to try and calm you down.
-You love to reach out and grab anything and everything, especially if we are using it. Laptop? Bang bang bang on the keys. Keys? You must hold them and fling them up and down to make noise. Water? You must also have a drink, even if you dribble most of it down your front. Pen? In the mouth.

Here's my take on your personality. You are sensitive. Every emotion you feel is to the extreme. If you are happy, you are the happiest baby around. You are smiley and talkative and laughing. If you are not happy, you are the unhappiest baby around. You are whiny and fussy, and if we're "lucky," screaming. If you are solemn, nothing will make you smile or show emotion. This typically happens when we're out and about; strangers comment on how quiet you are. And I laugh in their faces (not really).  If you are hungry, you let us know and then eat with gusto. I think you are almost hyper-aware of your surroundings. I've said it before and will say it again: you have been so AWARE from day one. It is exhausting sometimes, and thrilling at others.

We sure love you, little boy! Thanks for the adventures.

love always,

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  1. Oh my goodness, Kylie! He is so sweet! What a cute little boy!


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