we are a family.

There have been some moments lately, small tender little moments, when I have felt perfectly happy. Sometimes, perfect happiness is hard to come by...or I just don't take the time to stop and recognize it.

All of those moments have involved us, my little family.

There was one on Sunday, with TJ and I sitting on the couch. We heard Jake wake up from his nap, and so TJ got him and brought him to the living room, then sat him in between us, snuggled up close. And we sat like that for a few minutes before Jake got bored or hungry or something, but those few minutes were a little piece of heaven where we just were a family.

There are small moments, when Jake is tired and he will rest his head on my shoulder for a moment, and I eat that moment up like a delicious piece of chocolate, because those times are rare. And then Jake will do it to TJ, and I'm sure it feels the same way for him because we always tell each other when those moments happen.

There was another moment sometime last week, when I was standing in the kitchen, holding Jake, and TJ came up and wrapped his arms around the three of us and we stayed like that, our little family, until Jake got claustrophobic or something....but it was a perfectly happy little moment.

And there are times when I sit on the floor with him, and watch him play and discover his little world. How blissfully innocent and beautiful he is. And while he studies his toes, or his ball, or his burp rag...I study him. I notice how his hair sticks up, how round his cheeks are, how he sits with perfect posture, how he so carefully and determinedly reaches for a toy, how he smiles when he looks up at me watching him.

TJ and I are so totally in love with this little boy. And the best part? We know that he loves us back. He knows his mommy and daddy, because no one can comfort him like we can. No one can make him smile or giggle like we can. No one else gets him reaching out for them, or having their face patted. No one knows him like we do. And someday, in the hazy and distant future, I know that will change. I know I won't be his number one forever.

But for now, we are us. And it is so good.


  1. This was so beautiful to read. What a cute little boy you have. I can only imagine the unconditional love you receive from your child. One day ... :)

  2. I just caught up on all of your posts! I loved them all, but especially the one about Jake and his dad. I feel the same way about Owen and Scott. Seeing the two of them together is unreal!

  3. Ooooh, Kylie. I love this. Really. Your posts always get me so much more excited than I already am about being a mommy! I know it's not easy, and I love how honest you are about that. I just love that your love for Jake shows so much in the way you "talk" about him.

  4. You have the sweetest little family. I love moments like like. And I totally know what you meant when you said Jake got claustrophobic in your family hug! Jax has done the same thing! :)


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