six months.

Dear Jake,

Happy half-birthday! Six whole months! I can hardly believe it....I think this month has been my favorite so far. Well, relatively speaking. Who am I kidding? Your life is my favorite.

Your doctor says you are doing so well. At your 6 month check-up: 19 lbs, 5 oz (80th percentile), and 92nd percentile for height. You're getting tall!

You've reached so many milestones:
-Eating solids: banana, sweet potato, avocado, pears (which you love!), oat cereal, pear juice, apples, and little bites of whatever we're eating
-Drinking water from mom and dad's cups and water bottles. You always grab for whatever we're drinking (which is almost always water)
-Sitting up all the time, and reaching for toys while sitting on the ground
-Rolling across the room
-Ticklish! Your tummy, thighs, back, and your feet (which have always been ticklish)
-Grabbing your toes (and trying to suck on them)
-LOVING your tongue, sticking it out all the time
-Smiling at everyone, flirting with girls
-A cute new smile where you crinkle your nose and give a big cheesy grin
-Saying, "Mamamamama" or "Dadadadadada" or "Nananananana," mostly when you're upset and/or hungry
-Teething: accompanied by irritability, clinging/neediness, and your first low-grade fever, chewing on everything, and drool
-Loving the jumper/play saucer thingy, keys (both plastic and metal), and anything you can put in your mouth
-Graduated to a new car seat! A big-boy car seat. I think you like sitting up more, but Dad and I love that it's so much easier to get you in and out of it.
-Your hair is long enough now that I can style it...I love making it into a crazy faux-hawk. Daddy did a wolverine-esque do the other night too. You look so cute! Your cousin Bryce says you look like Jack-Jack from the Incredibles, which is ironic because Uncle Sheldon has been calling you that since we told him your name (before you were born). He still refers to you as Jack-Jack in his letters.

And oh my! Your personality is showing so much more these days. You are a goofball. A total ham. You love being silly. You are also determined. Can't get your foot in your mouth? You will persist until you do. Can't reach a toy? You will roll to it or you will get mad. You are so interested in what goes on around you. You will let out a squawk if we aren't paying enough attention to you. You still love to "talk" in shrieks, coos (I call it your singing voice), and babbles. I think you're going to be a social one, like your dad. You have lungs and can still scream like no other child I've met before.

You are also so sweet. You still don't like to cuddle, but you do the sweetest things, especially with your dad. You will hold his face in your hands, and then put your face next to his and rub your cheeks on his jaw. You love to smile, and you smile so big when Dad or I enter the room. Your sense of adventure isn't lacking either; you love being tossed in the air in a number of ways by your father. I'm afraid you won't have a sense of fear whatsoever. You're going to be a handful, I am sure. A delightful handful.

We love you so much Jake.

love always,

And for comparison, months 1-6:


  1. He is sooooo precious! Can't wait to hug him!
    Xoxoxoxoxo, Mom/Grandma

  2. Jake needs to teach Holland to eat food! She still refuses anything and everything we have tried! And I feel like we have been trying at least once a week (if not more often) since she was four{ish} months old! She will not eat anything (other than Mum Mums which scare me) and breastfeed. No bottle even. It's driving me a little bit crazy! Haha. I love these pictures of Jake! His hair is AWESOME! He should also teach Holland how to grow hair! ;)

  3. Hahaha he totally looks like Jack-Jack! He is adorable and you make me excited to be a mom someday! :)


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