confessions of a working mom.

Confession: I don't remember the last time I had a girls' night.

I'm pretty sure the last one was before Jake was born. The last legit girls' night that is. You know, friends, dinner, talking and laughing. That sort of thing. I'm not counting the one hour of visiting teaching when I didn't bring Jake along (although it was very nice and I had fun visiting, don't get me wrong).

Confession: It's not that I haven't had opportunities.

I've been invited to a couple craft nights. Invited to go see a movie with a friend. But I just...didn't follow through. I made excuses for why I couldn't go (legit excuses, but excuses nonetheless).

Confession: It's really hard for me to have "me time."
Confession: As a working mom, I feel guilty leaving my husband and son.
Confession: Sometimes I've been jealous of my husband for being able to hang out with his friends. It's completely unfounded and completely ridiculous, but I can't deny that. TJ tries to get me out of the house and talking to women. He forces me out of my shell ;)
Confession: I struggle making new friends and feeling like I fit in. I've had the same best friend since preschool (like, we literally grew up two streets apart and then became college roommates, got married within 2 months of each other, lived in the same married housing, etc.) and then she moved 3 hours away. I have friends, but sometimes it's easier to just....stay home and watch a movie.

Now, I fully support and agree with girls' nights. I can totally see why they are important, especially as a mom. Just as date nights are important for couples, so are girls' nights important for a woman's own relationship with herself. At least, that's what I've heard.

Basically, I just feel guilty spending time away from *both* of my main men. Since I see so little of them, especially Jake, during the week, I drink in my time with them on the weekends. This article articulates so well what I feel as a working mom. I'd almost feel selfish spending time for myself, but I know I need to.

Confession: I have an inkling that I will still feel mom guilt, even when I'm not working full-time anymore.


  1. Although I haven't worked since Hudson was born I admire those mom's who do make that sacrifice! And what a sacrifice it is! :) I can't say it's just as hard to be home all day but it has it's own challenges. And the guilt, yes, I even have it! Guilt for feeling like I'm not trying hard enough to help out financially and my lazy days where I haven't taken care of our house. It's easy to slack off being at home. :) But I remind myself (whether working or not) I'm doing what's best for my family at this time. Where ever you are, your doing a good job. :)

  2. Oh yes!! I still feel guilty and I don't work. But for me it's reversed. Andrew works all day and I'm home, but I Know I need time away to recharge my batteries and for them to have some daddy-daughter time. I've learned that I need to leave them for all our sakes sometimes. Andrew and Rory need time to develop a deeper relationship without me always there and I need time away to feel like a person again and not just the poopy-diaper changer hahaha so I totally get it! You're not alone ;)

  3. You are awesome Kylie! You followed your feeling on taking this job opportunity, and I know you will be blessed for it, even if you feel guilty sometimes!
    And don't worry--I don't even have a kid but I still haven't had a girls night bachelorette party haha. But since you are a busy working mom, it's totally understandable that you'd rather be spending all your free time with your adorable little boy and husband! The "needing girl time" will phase back in eventually, haha.
    PS: Phone calls with good girl friends are good substitutes to girls nights :)


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