Lowering my expectations.

This may sound depressing, but it's not. Basically, I'm tired of being disappointed in myself. I'm tired of breaking commitments, of not fulfilling my own high standards. I'm tired of saying yes to too much. I know that I can improve, and need to, but right now I am going to prioritize.

I'm going to be ok with the fact that the wreath on my door is season-neutral. Someday I would like to decorate for each holiday, but I realize that it isn't important right now.

I'm going to be ok with the fact that my body isn't exactly how I'd like it to be, because I feel alright in my skin. I'm not going to criticize myself for not exercising like I think I should and I really just don't have the time or motivation. I would much rather spend my mornings asleep and my evenings with my husband and son, since I have to be at work in between.

It's ok that my style is kind of plain and simple. I am still finding my style and learning what I like. Simple suits me, I'm learning. And even though I'd love for it to evolve more... I don't have the budget but that's ok! I have more than enough clothes to suit my needs.

Guess what? Most of the meals I've made recently have included vegetables. Also, I have been able to spend 20 minutes some nights to pick up/do dishes and it feels good. I have done some sit-ups and leg lifts a couple times a week, with Jake, and he loves it. I've been writing pretty faithfully in my little one line a day journal since Christmas.

Small victories are helping me to come across that change I've been mentioning. It feels good to change.

(If by some small chance you haven't already read Drops of Awesome, you should do it. Stat.)


  1. Haha, you're one step ahead of me - I don't even have a wreath on my door. :)
    And that journal looks pretty nifty ... I may have to look for something like that. It's a lot less intimidating than writing a huge entry every day.

  2. The things you are doing add up even if they are small. 20 minutes of picking up really adds up!

  3. I look up to you so much. I love your attitude, and need to follow your example. being content is hard sometimes! So grateful to be reading your blog again!

  4. Kylie, you are so wonderful! I read your other post about feeling behind/lacking on everything in life and not knowing where to start, and I feel EXACTLY the same way lately!! Oh my goodness it's so tough! Thank you for mentioning the Drops of Awesome post--it's just what I needed, along with your sweet and wise words. Keep adding those drops:)


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