It wasn't until I started thinking about this post, and then my eyes felt the prick of tears and my throat tightened up. That's the thing about the death of a loved one. Even if you know you will see them again, it hurts to lose them. Even if you know they're in a better place. I think it's more that mortal sense of missing them, and perhaps a little regret with could-haves and should-haves. But it will be OK.

Last week, my family lost someone very dear to our hearts. Iona Mae Klinger has been in my life for as long as I can remember, and was like a third grandma to me. She is one of the most generous, classy, and independent women I ever had the pleasure of knowing. She had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the world, all while putting you in your place.

Iona was always generous. As the reverend at her funeral said, she loved nice things, but she loved to give. When I moved away for college, she sent a laundry basket full of canned goods, non-perishables, and spices. She was generous with monetary gifts for my graduation, wedding, and baby. Iona gave and agave, and she gave of herself. She could make you feel loved with just one "I'm sorry, baby" and one of those big, soft hugs.

I hope to be a woman like Iona. Strong, independent, generous, and kind. I hope to live my life, like she did: with grace.


  1. Prayers coming your way Kylie.

  2. :) shedding tears for such a sweet tribute to a wonderful lady :)

  3. Beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss, but isn't it wonderful that we can celebrate someone's life like this because we know it isn't really the end?

    Anyway, you've got my prayers.

  4. This is beautiful. It is so hard to lose those we love. It sounds like she was quite the inspiration!!

  5. Just read this to your dad...and cried all the way through :) he loves it! xoxoxoxoxo, Mom


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