five months.

Dear Jake,

Slow down Mister! You've grown so much this month. You are not an "easy" baby by any means, but you are learning how to be by yourself, take regular naps, and more. According to some information I found on a baby website, we chose the wrong time to sleep train, but it was necessary, so we're trucking through it. Before now, you wouldn't nap for Dad unless you were laying on his lap. Now we're all learning how to sleep train, and it's going alright.

Your first Christmas happened! I made you a fleece blanket, and you got spoiled with toys from Grammy and Grampa Pond, and clothes from Auntie Kyndra, Grandma and Grandpa Hassell. You're becoming a little more interested in toys, and like to grab at the ones on your play mat. You love the little ball rattle we got you, because it's easy to hold and makes noise. Of course, everything goes straight to your mouth.

At five months you:
-Can sit up on your own! You're still a little wobbly and fall front, side, or back, but you can do it! You actually did it for the first time on your 5 month mark.
-Can roll from back to belly, with effort.
-Still suck on your first two fingers, but now refuse the pacifier...unless you're super tired and decide you want it.
-Make all sorts of funny faces. You love to laugh and think Dad is especially hilarious.
-Love to talk. Your babbling is the cutest.
-Love your baths. You splash and get so excited.
-You do not like your car seat. You strain at the harness, trying to sit up. We don't like it either because carrying you in it is dang heavy! At 4 months, you were 17 lbs. I'm guessing you're around 19 now. 
-You always try to sit up if you are even slightly reclining.
-Even though you are still a chunky boy, you're getting tall! 

I'm sure there are more little tidbits, but that's probably enough. We love you!

love always,

4.5 months:

5 months:


  1. Okay! I NEED the second picture framed! Obviously! It's just so cute!

  2. So cute! I need to kiss his sweet cheeks and give him hugs!! <3

  3. Oh my goodness I'm just in love with him!! He's such a cutie!! And it really is so fun to watch him and Holland grow up right along side each other! I love that all these babies born around the same time start doing things together like sitting up and rolling over and playing with their toys and toes and tongues! I love finding out about the little milestones that I didn't even know were milestones but all the babies start doing them (sticking their tongues out, sucking on their fingers, grabbing at their toes, etc.) Being a mom is so much work but it is such a joy as well! Also, I might have to come to you for sleep training tips! Now that we'll finally have space it is so time to sleep train Holland! She just wants to eat ALL night long and I am way too exhausted to keep doing that!!


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