finding my style.

I rarely talk fashion. I did a short couple of stints in maternity fashion, but let's be honest...nobody is going to be copying my outfits anytime soon, nor would I want them to. I doubt this post will be inspiring, but heck, I don't really care.

We don't talk about my style (or lack thereof) in elementary school. Let's just say that back then, kids were kids and we didn't care what we wore, as long it had our favorite cartoon characters and was comfortable to climb trees in, am I right?

In junior high, I was a nightmare. I refer to myself as the ugly duckling. I wore the same pair of americana-esque jeans nearly daily, and I wasn't all that comfortable with my style whatsoever. I liked to wear ribbons on my ponytails, and I was still learning how to use the ol' mascara.

In high school, I was kinda cute. I had some cute tops, 2-3 pairs of the same style of jeans, and a whole swarm of t-shirts. I loved me some Girls' Camp and choir t-shirts. I also loved me some hoodies. I was learning how to do my hair, and sometimes came to school with intricate hairstyles that I spent two hours coiffing the night before. I liked dangly earrings and costume jewelry. Sometimes I wore them both with my super-hero t-shirts. (Are you cringing because you can relate?) I won't lie, I liked my style! I was confident with who I was. In fact, my friends and I all wore matching Spider-Man (glow-in-the-dark!) t-shirts on the first day of our senior year as an anti-super-cute-first-day-of-school-outfit statement. We loved it.

Then I came to college, and I my "style" stayed about the same. I tried to find some cuter tops, and my skirt collection grew slightly. I dappled in winter wear in my new snowy home. But mostly I stayed the same. Same haircut, same clothes, same makeup, same Kylie.

After getting married, I decided to experiment some. I cut my hair shorter. I got bangs. I started to try to find more cute clothes, but nothing too different. I changed up my makeup a little. When I started student-teaching, I really started trying to find more "adult" clothes, since I could no longer wear my beloved t-shirts every day. It was only semi-successful, since those clothes needed to be semi-professional.

When I got pregnant with Jake, I found a new love for cute clothes. I discovered I could wear pants that weren't jeans, and were even more comfortable! I discovered that yoga pants were cuter than sweats but still felt like pajamas. I found out that I really liked to wear stripes. After Jake was born, and while I was on maternity leave, it was SO hard to get ready at first. A newborn limits things in a lot of ways. It was a struggle, but I discovered that when I did get dressed, I felt more accomplished and much better about myself.

Now, I'm actually starting to get rid of the t-shirts (even in weekend-wear). And by t-shirts I meant the ill-fitting, generic ones, not the cute, layer-friendly ones. They only make appearances as pajamas or dirty-work shirts. I wear skirts to work on occasion. I own a pair of leggings that I wear with dresses. I own two new little knit dress! I'm adding blouses and a blazer to my collection of cardigans and basic T's. I wear my skinny jeans with confidence! I have lots of stripes, and I love them. I am buying less basic black, and adding more color to my wardrobe. I'm wearing what I like, and what feels comfortable, and not worrying too much about trendiness. And I'm feeling more grown-up and cuter.

The only down-fall is that I'm so not creative when it comes to work clothes. I'm still a jeans girl at heart, and I am don't like wearing skirts in the winter. I won't lie, I'm excited for the day when I'm not working an office job and can play with clothes a little more.


  1. I'm really enjoyed your posts. Keep at it, lady. I can so relate with how you felt in junior high. Ha! ;) It's nice to experiment with clothes, isn't it? In fact last week I ordered some clothes (on sale + no shipping) to experiment with. Why is it taking forever for them to arrive? Haha! :-)

  2. I've thought that you look super cute since the first time I read your blog! I like your style. :) It's funny, because I used to be suuuppper into clothes and fashion . . . but not so much anymore. I feel like maternity clothes are going to be pretty lame around these parts. You'll have to let me know if you have any tips for making lame things cute. Haha.

  3. 1. You're totally cute at work! I love your simple, but classy style!
    2. So I barely knew you in high school, but I always thought you were gorgeous! And I always thought you had the most beautiful hair! Random fact :)

  4. I always thought you looked super cute too :)

    I've never been big on t-shirts, but they aren't right at all for my body type. I am pretty busy and if I don't belt or have a defined waist then it makes me look top heavy. I actually envy girls who can wear t-shirts.


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