three months.

Dear Jake,

I can hardly believe another month has passed. You continue to grow and learn each day. It is so fun to watch little bits of your personality start to peek out of those baby blues. You've learned some fun new tricks this month!

  • You've discovered your hands, and think they make a good snack.
  • You laugh! It is quite possibly the best sound in the world, and we try our hardest to get one out of you.
  • You're learning to like playing with dad. You love it when he flips you upside down, and you can balance sitting on his hand pretty well.
  • Since you hate being cold and wet, we now bathe you directly in the bathtub, and you love to splash even if you can't control it very well. You still hate getting your face wet, just like mom.
  • You're *this* close to sitting up on your own. Daddy and I will sit you in our laps and hold your arms and you do the rest so well. 
  • You can lift your head, shoulders, and chest up during tummy time.
  • You smile all the time and it is the most adorable thing. Mornings and diaper changes are usually your favorite. 
  • You try to imitate Daddy when he sticks out his tongue. 
  • You've learned how to control your legs enough to lift them in the air and kick them straight and stiff. It's especially comical when you're all giddy and wiggly during diaper changes.
You also have a new nick-name, with accompanying sub-nicknames: Boogers (along with the eloquent: booger brain and booger butt....we are horrible, I know). You got this nickname because for the past two weeks or so, you've had a lot of congestion. The doctor says it's just a normal thing because your nose is still small.

I love you baby boy! I can't tell you that enough, even if I told you every minute of the day. Thank you for being ours.

love always,

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  1. Eep! He is a cutie! :) Watching these sweet babies grow is just so much fun!


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