Thankful Thursday. (on Monday) (again) (+wrap-up)

[Day 22: For my little family. At the end of the day, they're all that really matters.]

[Day 23: For extra-long weekends spent snuggling, laughing, and just being with these two. This was Jake's first all-out giggle fest and it was adorable. Maybe I'll post a video since I caught the whole thing!]

[Day 24: For clothes and the capability to wash them. I'm grateful for the generosity of friends and family, and for the means that allow me to provide my baby (and husband) with clean, dry clothes every day. Even if this outfit was the first of four that day, I'm so grateful we have more than enough when I know some mothers have to do without.]

[Day 25: For the reason.]

[Day 26: For my missionary brother and his sweet emails.]

[Day 27: For my parents. They are always there for me, and have taught me how to be the best I can be. I'm so grateful for their example of a healthy and loving marriage, and their example of righteous parenting. I'm the luckiest.]

[Day 28: For his giggle (again).]

[Day 29: For Costa Vida and their life-altering sweet pork burrito & salad. Seriously.]

[Day 30: For mistakes and trials. Sometimes, that's how I learn the most valuable lessons. This is a picture of a fleece throw that I made. I had to seam-rip it about 2,456 times. It's so far from perfect, but I love it now and I'm glad I finished it no matter how frustrated I got.]

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Thanks for following along on my Thankful November. I'm really proud of myself for actually doing this challenge. I don't usually finish this type of thing, but I actually did it, and I only forgot to post on one day. I think it might've been because this really mattered to me. I really wanted to see if I could find something to be grateful for each day, especially the little things. It was really hard to find something to be thankful for on some days, but finding just one thing helped me to find perspective. It's easy to be thankful in retrospect, but it can be difficult to be thankful during a trial/hard time. This little exercise will help me to appreciate things in the moment. I hope to continue this mindset throughout each and every day. 

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