while he sleeps.

While he sleeps, I watch his little face, hear his soft little breaths, and marvel at him. And while he sleeps, my heart aches, because I'm watching him grow up before my eyes and I want him to stay little, but I also want to experience the next stage with him. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, I wish he'd grow out of this stage because he's been crying a lot, or because I want him to be able to entertain himself so Daddy can study. But then I catch myself, and remember the phrase, "Let them be little." I want to take all of these little moments, and bottle them up tight so that they can't go anywhere. I want to keep them to myself, private in my heart, but then I think that might be selfish to hoard so much joy.

When his daddy gave him a name and a blessing, he told him that he would be a light to others. He's already my light, and I know this special little boy just might be a light to so many more.


  1. He is so dang perfect! Absolutely precious!! I cannot wait for my girl to get here, I am DYING to meet her! :)

    Everyone tells me the SAME thing. To ENJOY it when they are little, because they grow up so fast!

  2. he looks so peaceful in this picture! Love you all!


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