Thankful Thursday.

Week 1

[Day 8: For pacifiers. Amen.]

[Day 9: For my beautiful home state, and God's handiwork.]

[Day 10: For temple marriage and the covenants made.]

[Day 11: For my grandpa, the man that he is, and the service he gave his country in WWII. Also, for TJ's Papa and his service in Vietnam. And for all Veterans and US Military.]

[Day 12: For visits home where grandparents and an auntie gladly get up with baby in the mornings so mom and dad can sleep in together.]

[Day 13: For just-because brown paper packages tied up with string, and, more importantly, the chocolates they held inside. Also, for sister for thinking of me.]

[Day 14: For this play mat and the sweet friend who gave it to us. He talks and squeals at himself in the mirror, easily entertained for 10-15 precious minutes.]

What are you thankful for this week?
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  1. I'm thankful to a wonderful daughter who writes so beautifully and who IS beautiful :)

  2. That first picture melts my heart. I'm thankful for a cozy, warm studio to come home to.

  3. aww, I love it. Your little guy is just so cute! And I'm thankful for all the veterans and servicemen and women, too.

  4. dont forget for your awesome photographer who got the cutest shot of you and you little guy! ha ha JK can't wait to show you guys the pics!! They are looking good!

  5. I am definitely hoping my baby takes a paci :)
    LOVE your list... and the pictures!


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