Thankful Thursday. (on Monday)

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[Day 15: For my hair. It's frustrating sometimes, but it's healthy and easy to maintain. I actually like it when it cooperates.]

[Day 16: For TJ's peanut butter and jelly strawberry-jelly sandwiches. He makes them so well, and it's such a sweet gesture when I'm (perpetually) running late.]

[Day 17: Date night! Made possible by free babysitting from the in-laws. I realized this was only our 3rd date night without Jake since he was born. It was so nice to grab dinner and a movie. By the way, I loved Skyfall.]

[Day 18: We were recommended this stuff when Jake was super colicky, and it's a life-saver. Gripe water still works wonders when Jake is being...well...gripey.]

[Day 19: For my formal education. Even though I'm not really using my degree in education, I'm grateful that I have it. I'm also grateful that I will get to continue my education in order to keep my certificate current while I'm not teaching.]

[Day 20: For modern conveniences that make life easier. I had to make cornbread for Thanksgiving stuffing, and this baby make it a breeze.]

[Day 21: This had been a long and stressful day, so I was just grateful when it was over. Sometimes, that's OK.]

What were you grateful for this week? Did you have a fun Thanksgiving?

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  1. You are so wonderful, Kylie!! I love your thankful list. And I would really, really like to steal your face. It is so perfect!!


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