on sleep.

On Friday, we went out for some BBQ with our good friends. We took Jake with us, and he was actually pretty good the whole time. During dinner, he fell asleep in my lap....and we eventually found ourselves talking about his sleep habits. When I realized it, I said, "Wow, we've turned into those boring parents who just talk about their kid's sleep patterns." They assured us that we were fine (it helps to have a cute kid), and I explained that you don't realize just how much you value sleep until you can't get it when you want it.

On that note, here's some more about Jake's sleep patterns. Last week, I was thrilled because Jake was starting to do really well at night. We'd put him to bed around 8 or nine, and he'd wake up around 11-12, and then sleep for a blissful 6 or so hours. It was amazing.

Then, on Saturday night, he had a 4-hour stretch from 8-12 as usual, but then he woke up about every two hours after midnight. It was exhausting, and something he hasn't done in a long time. He did the same thing last night and now I'm struggling to stay awake at work when I'm not actively working on something.

He's also been increasingly grouchy in the evenings. He's been congested the past week or so (but he was sleeping during that time, too). I wonder if he might be teething? Sometimes he cries like he's in pain, but I'm not sure. Maybe he's waking up to nurse for comfort?

He's definitely happiest in the mornings, but this morning we were too tired to enjoy it and coax smiles out of him, like the one above. All I know is that I hope he gets past this "phase" real soon. It's totally unfair that human babies are the only babies that can't communicate with their parents (I think, don't quote me on that fact).

And now, I've officially written an entire blog post on this subject. I feel like a mom or something.


  1. I facebooked the other day that I can't sleep because my baby (in my belly) is moving around so much at night. I'm 21 weeks so I think that it is unfair that my baby is keeping me up at night already! But secretly I love having him/her move around inside me - I love him/her already so, so, so, much. I just think my heart will explode when I finally get to hold him/her in my arms. Shari from www.goodfoodweek.blogspot.com

  2. Awww, he is just so cute, especially when he's got that big smile on his face!

  3. This is nowhere near the same and I realize that but we''ve been getting up with our niece in the morning here in London to get her to school and I'm exhausted. I actually went to bed at 10.30 last night. I NEVER do that! :)


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