I'll eat you up, I love you so.

[on his blessing day, 10/14/2012]

I left for work today after kissing my sweet sleeping baby (who I cuddled in bed for a little bit too long before getting ready) and kissing my husband. I was tired, and feeling the Monday blues of going back to work after the weekend. A few minutes after getting to work, I got a phone call from TJ asking where the baby's binky was. Then he told me the bittersweet news that my son had just giggled for the first time. He's been trying to for a while, but he just had his first real laugh. I'm really sad that I missed it, but I can hardly wait to hear it myself. 

My baby boy is growing up so fast.
[almost 10 weeks old, or a little over 2 months]

[a little less than a month old]

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  1. so so so cute!
    and there will be plenty of other laughs :)
    it'll be a sound you'll never forget.

  2. New follower---found you through Ali's blog. Your son is super cute!!!! Hope you check us out at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com!


  3. Its crazy how fast they grow! I can't believe how chubby he is getting! & how fun he is starting to giggle, i bet it's so cute!

  4. He wore a cardigan onesie for his blessing day! How absolutely perfect! I love it!


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