Yet Another Bow Tutorial
I'm sure there are hundreds of posts similar to this one, on how to make hair bows. And honestly, they're so simple that pretty much anyone could do a tutorial on how to make them. I used to "sell" these in the Etsy shop I used to run...but I realized I didn't have a super-unique product or the time/money to market my business, so I figured I would share how I make them.

Basically, this post is pointless....but I already took the trouble of taking step-by-step photos, so here it goes!
1. Gather supplies: needle, thread, fabric, scissors. You could use hot glue too, I guess.

 2. Cut a rectangle. This one is about 9"x6" and will make a bow that is about 4.5" long.

 3. Fold rectangle so that the two edges meet in the middle.

 4. Fold the ends toward the center so that they barely overlap.

 5. Turn over the folded rectangle, and pinch it in the middle.

 6. "Pinch" the fabric on each side of the middle fold, so there should be three folds.

 7. Stick a threaded needle through all three folds and wrap the thread around several times, going back through the folds once or twice.

 It should look like this after you tie it off. You could leave it like this too, I guess.

 8. Cut another rectangle of fabric, about 1"x 2".

 9. Fold it in thirds.

 10. Wrap it around the center of the bow so that the ends meet in the back.

 11. Stitch the ends together using a whip stitch. Or use hot glue.

 12. And you're done! I use an alligator clip that I put through the middle piece from behind. You could also attach it to a headband or another piece of fabric to make a bow tie. 

 Wear it with a bun or ponytail for a little added whimsy.


  1. Love this! And my sister in law Jackie and I just figured out this way of making bows! I did something totally different for all the bows I made for Holland. Haha. I like this way much better though. And now I need to make myself some cute hair bows!

  2. Oh how I love a good bow. I need more bows in my life! And I love that fabric you used. Where'd you get it?
    Thanks for linking up!


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