the boys of fall.

I come from a family where sports are a take-it-or-leave-it-but-really-we-leave-it kind of thing.
I married into a family where sports are a passion, the basis for many a heated game-watching.
I married a man who lives and breathes for fall and its sport: football.
He loves the game and takes it in almost any form he can get it: Xbox, Fantasy, ESPN, and two-hand touch in the fields by our apartment.

Me? Well, I'm learning. I'm learning what a first down is and how many points a field goal gets. 
I'm learning to almost enjoy watching football on TV, thanks in part to our recent marathon watching of Friday Night Lights on Netflix (#thankyoutTimRiggins). 
But really, I still prefer to watch it in person. I understand the hype more when I'm sitting on those high school bleachers, huddled in my hoodie against the new fall chill.

And now. 
Now that we have a son, I can hardly wait to watch his dad teach him about the sport. Impart his love for it to him. Toss around the ol' pigskin, and eventually go to his Pop Warner games.

For me, football definitely means fall. And fall has its own special magic.

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  1. thanks for the share. love this video. so what I feel. love this game.


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