how two became three [part 2]

I'm not going to apologize for the length of this post, because I really want to document everything I can remember. I've tried to be tasteful, yet honest and real. Especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy, reading birth stories helped me out a lot. I appreciate your comments, but please don't judge me for my choices in how I went about giving birth. 

*Also, please note that this next part might be a little too detailed for some. I kept everything PG, but some may not wish to read so many details.

Thank you for the love and support you've given me! And sorry to make you wait so long!

Read part 1 here.

My water had definitely broken. And to think I was worried I wouldn't know when it did...As the anesthesiologist finished giving me the epidural, George quickly changed the sheets on my bed and TJ helped me breathe through some more contractions before the epidural kicked in. Once it did, I was finally able to relax some. George got to the end of his shift, and introduced me to Nancy, my day nurse, who would be there for the delivery. As George got ready to leave, I asked if I was allowed to have gum (because my breath was not pretty and food was no longer an option). He took a package out of his pocket and placed a piece in my mouth, gave me a kiss on the forehead, hugged TJ, and left with a promise to stop by our room that evening to meet Jake.

Our new nurse, Nancy, was really nice. From about 7am-9am, she would check in on me and check all of my vitals. During that time, I was able to rest some thanks to the epidural. I was feeling the effects of laboring all night, and so it was some blessed relief to sleep pain-free. I don't remember exactly what time it was, but at some point TJ's mom came. She and TJ entertained themselves looking at funny internet memes, and I tried to sleep more. Around 9:30, Nancy checked me and told me that we should start practicing some pushes, since I was getting close to ready. TJ held one of my numb legs, while Nancy held the other. She coached me on my breathing and the timing. At this point, it was really difficult for me since I didn't have much feeling in my legs and I was so exhausted from laboring all night.

During this time, I met Holly, the baby's nurse, and Miguel, a Guardian Air nurse who was really nice but I don't remember really knowing why he was there. He helped with labor, and he helped Holly. Anyways, the next hour was filled with pushing and resting...and a new fun aspect, losing the contents of my stomach. Nancy explained that it was a normal reaction that some women experience when they have really strong contractions that affect their stomachs. I absolutely loathe throwing up, so I was grateful it was something I hadn't experienced much of early in my pregnancy. I threw up more in that two or so hours of pushing than I had my entire pregnancy. It was not a fun experience.

My family arrived at the hospital from Mesa at about 10:30. I asked that only my mom come into the room. She came and was able to be with me for about an hour of pushing, helping to hold my legs and wipe my face with a cool cloth. By this time, I was getting really good at pushing since my epidural had worn off enough for me to have some feeling and be able to push intuitively. However, I was getting really tired. Nancy had turned the coaching reins over to TJ, and he helped me count through the contractions and pushing. At one point when I was getting super tired and discouraged, Nancy grabbed my hand and let me touch the top of my baby's head. It was so surreal. TJ said he immediately noticed the boost of strength it gave me in the next contraction.

Finally, around 11:15 or so, Dr. Lindstrom arrived and started prepping. At the same time, I asked TJ to ask our mothers to leave. I was feeling overwhelmed with the number of people in the room, and while I loved that they were able to be part of my labor to this point, I really wanted TJ to be my main support for this last final and intimate part of our experience.

TJ remained by my side and watched more of what was going on than what he had originally planned on. Dr. Lindstrom continued prepping me and I continued pushing. It was getting increasingly difficult as the baby moved down and I got more and more exhausted. I got very discouraged at this pont and shouted, "I'm done, I can't do this!" Of course, TJ and Nancy encouraged me and said otherwise, but it was definitely no longer a peaceful room since I was very vocal with each push. There is something instinctive about giving birth, and I am grateful I was able to feel that.

Just when I truly thought I could go no further, Dr. Lindstrom told me I had two options: I could continue pushing and I would probably tear, or I could get an episiotomy and the baby would be out with one more push. I opted for the latter. I got a numbing shot, and Nancy had to tell TJ he probably shouldn't watch the next part (he didn't really know what was going on). Then with another contraction and a yell, I pushed and felt immediate relief from the intense pressure and suddenly there was my baby, all warm and wet and crying weakly. Dr. Lindstrom immediately placed him on my upper abdomen and it was the most amazing and beautiful feeling. I was overcome with emotion as I spoke to my son, so fresh from the womb, "Hi baby, I'm your mom."

Dr. Lindstrom convinced TJ to cut the umbilical cord, then Holly quickly took my baby away, because he wasn't crying as strongly as he should have been. They took him away and cleared his airways, cleaned him up some, and took his measurements.

8 lbs. 15 oz. (He's big! I thought.)
15 inch head. (I'm so glad I chose the episiotomy.)
19.5 inches long

TJ came and stood by my head, took my hand and rested his head on my shoulder and we whispered our love and wonder at our beautiful boy. Dr. Lindstrom reminded TJ to take some pictures of our baby, who was totally unmarred by birth.

Soon our room was filled with family, and would be for the next day. We loved to show off our baby, but we treasured the time we had with him alone that night. George came to meet him, gave me a hug, and told us he'd see us in 2 years for the birth of our baby girl. Both of us were completely exhausted (I was in pain), and we were in awe of our beautiful boy who forever changed our lives.

We love you, Jake.


  1. Lovely story! He's beautiful! Glad everything went ok :)

  2. Oh my gosh I'm crying!! That's such a great stry and I'm so proud of you!! I was like "Don't let me see or touch ANYTHING til she's out hahahaha" I think you are incredibly brave and I'm so happy for you and TJ! Congrats again pretty mama! ;)

  3. Kylie! This is such a beautiful story! I love it! You are amazing and what a wonderful record this will be for your sweet baby boy!

  4. This is so sweet! I love your adorable little family. :)

  5. Awww, I love this story! I have to admit, I'm terrified of the tearing/episiotomy aspect of childbirth, but you definitely help to show that it's so worth it and such a small thing in the grand scheme of it all!

    Congrats again!!


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