Dear Jake,

While your dad and I love you to pieces, this past month has been pretty difficult. Becoming parents isn't easy (we didn't think it would be), and you have been colicky. That means that when you're awake, you're not calm for very long. You get fussy after you eat, you spit up, and you've got tummy troubles. Sometimes you scream for what feels like hours, but ends up being about 30 minutes. We're learning how to calm you down, but you're a stubborn kid!

That being said, we love watching you grow and learn. You're such a strong boy! And on Saturday, we discovered something that makes up for every scream. You're learning to smile at us (as opposed to just in your sleep). You have the cutest smile and we're so excited to see more. We love you little boy!

Love always,
Mom and Dad


  1. Oh my gosh. I want one. That video of him was adorable. Love your baby talk in the background! :) Hehe!

  2. Aww. His crying face is so sad! :( But his smile really is the cutest thing ever! Yay for learning that!! :)

  3. Awwww, makes my heart melt!!!

  4. ah how fun he is smiling already! and such a cute smile--- he's a stud!


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