Still no baby. As of Saturday, I'm 39 weeks. I know, not overdue yet (not like my dear friend), but the waiting game is still frustrating. I'm pretty sure we walked at least 5 miles this weekend alone, trying to get things going.

We made the best of our time together though, and went on a relaxing date night (where I actually took pictures with my "real" camera!). On Saturday we ran errands and went 4-wheeling in TJ's dad's truck  (nope, didn't induce labor). Yesterday we went on 2 walks, made cookies, and relaxed. I also took naps, which were glorious. Though somehow, I'm still tired.

Last Thursday, I took pictures to put together a little tutorial that I'm excited about. Unfortunately, it has to wait until my new laptop charger comes in the mail. Mine died after 4 good years. So anyways, stay tuned for that!

Also, TJ has been home from his mission for exactly 3 years today. He thinks it'd be cool if his son was born today. (So do work, son!)

...and that's all I've got for today. Here's hoping today's the day (without getting my hopes up).


  1. Aaaah! I can only imagine how frustrating the waiting game is. But it's going to be SO amazing when he makes his way into our world :) Crossing my fingers that happens sooner than later!

  2. :( Good luck to you! Today I am going to my 41 week doc appt. I was seriously hoping not to get to this point!

    And is Emma still waiting? Poor thing. i coudln't wait that long.

  3. I've got my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted! :)

  4. accupuncture and accupressure!!! sending labor vibes your way! haha best of luck!

  5. Hopefully he comes soon, can't wait to "meet" him!

  6. Kylie, I am so so glad your baby boy is here! He is just perfect and seriously the waiting game is no fun! It is SO worth it though, eh?! I can't wait to exchange birth stories and talk all about our cute little babies! I'm seriously so happy for you!


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