day off & more.

Yesterday, I had a blessed and unexpected day off. See, they were painting in the building where I work and since my boss is so sweet, she decided that paint fumes and pregnant women don't mix. So I got to go home after being at work for less than 2 hours.

What did I do with my day?
*"Helped" TJ install the carseat at last.
*Went for a walk at probably the hottest part of the day. Not the brightest idea, but it was good for me.
*Came home and stripped down to my underwear and took a 2.5 hour nap with a fan blowing on me.
*Checked my work email.
*Sat around and made a PB&J for late lunch.
*Actually cooked a semi-decent meal.
*Went to the store to get random things while TJ was at mutual (he's a leader of the youth group at church).
*Went on a second walk when TJ got home.
*Watched some Olympics and went to bed.

Throughout the day, we talked constantly about how much we want our baby to be here. We were most definitely trying to induce labor with all that walking. I know, I know..."He'll be here sooner than you know it," and "once he's out he can't go back in," and "he'll be here when he's ready." But seriously? When you're 9 months pregnant, all you really care about is meeting that baby already and not being pregnant anymore.

All that being said, here's a little list I came up with in case you, yourself, are wondering how pregnant you are. I call it, "You're 9 months pregnant when...."

* You really can bend down to pick something up, but just feeling those awkward stares as you try to balance yourself makes it not worth it.
* It takes you a few tries to get up off of a couch. Especially if it's low, deep, or squishy.
* You lose your breath laying down in bed at night. I carry high, so maybe that's just me.
* Your husband will get things for you when you're sitting on the couch because it just isn't worth watching you struggle to get up.
* You're more comfortable living in basketball shorts and your husband's t-shirts than just about anything else. And you don't even care if you go out in public like this.
* You're no longer really scared/anxious about having a baby, you're just ready to be done being pregnant and meet that baby already!
* You get really jealous when anyone else gives birth right around the time you're supposed to (but you haven't yet).
* You read birth stories and blogs about other pregnant women like you drink water.
* You drink lots of water, but then you regret it when you go to the bathroom for the 9 millionth time. I literally went to the bathroom 3 times in an hour yesterday.
* You have emotional breakdowns because you're just so done. being. pregnant.
* You give your baby daily pep-talks about coming out to meet you. Now.

I'd apologize for all the pregnancy posts, but nothing else really interests me right now. I promise I'm not totally miserable or anything, and I've been feeling pretty good for where I'm at. I just want to remember these little nuances about my life as it is right now.

[Still smiling at 38 weeks, 3 days. Where are my eyebrows?]


  1. Hahahahahahaha oh girl YES! I hope he comes soon! I wanna see his cute face! ;) Keep up that walking!! Also other fun activities can induce labor I'm just saying ;)

  2. Oh I love pregnancy posts! I have to live vicariously through you because we wont be having another baby anytime soon and my "baby" really isn't one anymore. sigh. I totally know how that last stretch feels though. and i honestly haven't once wished he would go back inside my felt to alien like for me. plus he's too cute to not hang out with. good luck my dear!! i can't wait to see cute baby pictures!

  3. no no, it's not just you. I carry low and have started losing my breath just laying down... it's like what is wrong with me!?

    Ah you are so close and looking so cute! I think you sound like you had a productive day off... I really think I spend 75% of my time sleeping, so the fact that you were able to cook a meal is AMAZING.

    Good luck with this last stretch! AH! So excited for you!

  4. Haha! I can tick off most of these...oh dear!


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