for good reason.

So sorry to be MIA for a week....but I promise it's for a good reason. TJ and I happily, tiredly, and proudly announce the birth of our son:

Baby Jake
Born Thursday, August 16, 2012
11:41 am
8 lbs, 15 oz
19.5" long
(and a 15" noggin)

He is perfectly healthy, and I am recovering well.
He's also pretty darn handsome, if I do say so myself.
Needles to say, we're in love.
Even if he does keep us up for 3 hours straight in the middle of the night.

(I know, I know, welcome to parenthood.)


Today, I'm struggling. So, here's a post I wrote a couple days ago to save myself from my negativity.


One thing  I learned about TJ somewhat quickly is that he loves to be rubbed. Whenever we are just sitting (watching TV, talking, at church....) he loves having his back rubbed, his ears rubbed, his head scratched, his face rubbed/scratched, his arms scratched, his legs name it, he loves it. The only thing he doesn't like is when I find a zit while scratching and scratch it off or try to pop it. Anyways.

I'm pretty sure baby boy will be exactly like his daddy. Sometimes, when I rub the top of my belly, he will push his bum up against my hand and just sit there while I rub (I know it's his bum because he's head down, and what else could be that round and cute?). He does it for TJ, too. And sometimes when I scratch my belly because it itches, he'll move around. What can I say? He likes us :) It's nice to know I've already found one way to comfort him.

One thing I also know about baby boy is that he's just like his momma....he loves food. He definitely knows when I'm hungry, and he knows when I'm eating. I'm sure it just has something to do with blood sugar, but I have a feeling he's going to be a chunky baby. I can't wait for his rolls. According to my BabyCenter app, all he's really doing at this point is getting good and fat. Keep up the good work, little one.


Still no baby. As of Saturday, I'm 39 weeks. I know, not overdue yet (not like my dear friend), but the waiting game is still frustrating. I'm pretty sure we walked at least 5 miles this weekend alone, trying to get things going.

We made the best of our time together though, and went on a relaxing date night (where I actually took pictures with my "real" camera!). On Saturday we ran errands and went 4-wheeling in TJ's dad's truck  (nope, didn't induce labor). Yesterday we went on 2 walks, made cookies, and relaxed. I also took naps, which were glorious. Though somehow, I'm still tired.

Last Thursday, I took pictures to put together a little tutorial that I'm excited about. Unfortunately, it has to wait until my new laptop charger comes in the mail. Mine died after 4 good years. So anyways, stay tuned for that!

Also, TJ has been home from his mission for exactly 3 years today. He thinks it'd be cool if his son was born today. (So do work, son!)

...and that's all I've got for today. Here's hoping today's the day (without getting my hopes up).

day off & more.

Yesterday, I had a blessed and unexpected day off. See, they were painting in the building where I work and since my boss is so sweet, she decided that paint fumes and pregnant women don't mix. So I got to go home after being at work for less than 2 hours.

What did I do with my day?
*"Helped" TJ install the carseat at last.
*Went for a walk at probably the hottest part of the day. Not the brightest idea, but it was good for me.
*Came home and stripped down to my underwear and took a 2.5 hour nap with a fan blowing on me.
*Checked my work email.
*Sat around and made a PB&J for late lunch.
*Actually cooked a semi-decent meal.
*Went to the store to get random things while TJ was at mutual (he's a leader of the youth group at church).
*Went on a second walk when TJ got home.
*Watched some Olympics and went to bed.

Throughout the day, we talked constantly about how much we want our baby to be here. We were most definitely trying to induce labor with all that walking. I know, I know..."He'll be here sooner than you know it," and "once he's out he can't go back in," and "he'll be here when he's ready." But seriously? When you're 9 months pregnant, all you really care about is meeting that baby already and not being pregnant anymore.

All that being said, here's a little list I came up with in case you, yourself, are wondering how pregnant you are. I call it, "You're 9 months pregnant when...."

* You really can bend down to pick something up, but just feeling those awkward stares as you try to balance yourself makes it not worth it.
* It takes you a few tries to get up off of a couch. Especially if it's low, deep, or squishy.
* You lose your breath laying down in bed at night. I carry high, so maybe that's just me.
* Your husband will get things for you when you're sitting on the couch because it just isn't worth watching you struggle to get up.
* You're more comfortable living in basketball shorts and your husband's t-shirts than just about anything else. And you don't even care if you go out in public like this.
* You're no longer really scared/anxious about having a baby, you're just ready to be done being pregnant and meet that baby already!
* You get really jealous when anyone else gives birth right around the time you're supposed to (but you haven't yet).
* You read birth stories and blogs about other pregnant women like you drink water.
* You drink lots of water, but then you regret it when you go to the bathroom for the 9 millionth time. I literally went to the bathroom 3 times in an hour yesterday.
* You have emotional breakdowns because you're just so done. being. pregnant.
* You give your baby daily pep-talks about coming out to meet you. Now.

I'd apologize for all the pregnancy posts, but nothing else really interests me right now. I promise I'm not totally miserable or anything, and I've been feeling pretty good for where I'm at. I just want to remember these little nuances about my life as it is right now.

[Still smiling at 38 weeks, 3 days. Where are my eyebrows?]

Dear Baby,

We're almost there. You really could meet us any day now. I'd prefer sooner than later, but I'm willing to wait I suppose. Your dad and I aren't even scared at this point (scared of being parents, not scared of you). We're just so excited to meet you. People keep trying to tell us how hard it will be and to savor the little time we have left....but we don't care. We just want to meet you, want to hold you and welcome you into our family. Daddy has the cutest habit of giving you pep talks lately, such as, "Hey buddy, I really want to meet you. We already met before this life, but I miss you. So if you could be nice to your mom and come out soon, that'd be great. I love you." And he does; he loves you so much. I think he's jealous that you and I spend so much time together.

My belly continues to grow along with you. I keep getting teased by fake contractions and other such nonsense. I'm pretty tired, but it's OK. We're pretty much ready for you now. Your nursery is yours! We worked so hard on it this weekend, and it's finally ready. Your diaper bag is packed, and I've almost finished packing my bag. Insurance paperwork is underway, just waiting for signatures. But those are all little things in comparison to the big thing: you.

I have so much to learn about being a good mom. I know you'll help teach me, and Daddy and Heavenly Father. I can hardly believe I'm being entrusted with a little man to raise. It seems like such a daunting task. Good men are, sadly, sometimes hard to come by in this big, scary world. But they do exist, and you're going to have the pleasure of being related to some of the very best.

I know you're only a baby, and you're not even here yet, but I want to tell you some things about good men. Good men are gentle and kind; don't feel pressured to be aggressive and harsh. Good men are respectful; don't feel pressured to be rude. Good men work hard and do their best; don't give in to laziness and entitlement. Baby, don't ever feel like you aren't good enough, because you are so precious. Respect your body, your mind, and your spirit. Respect the bodies, minds, and spirits of those sweet daughters of God that you will interact with. Remember that showing love and kindness to others, especially those that nobody else will, is not a weakness but a quiet strength not everyone experiences. Never be afraid to stand up for what you know is right. Daddy will be a good example for you. He's already an example to me.

Little one, you can be whoever you want to be. You are a child of God. You can be athletic, artistic, quiet or bold. You can be creative and smart. You can be a leader if you want, but it's okay to be more introverted too. You can like building things or reading or playing an instrument. I don't ever want you to feel like you can't be something you want to be. But when it all comes down to it, never ever forget where you came from and who you will always be: a son of God.

I have so many thoughts, so many feelings about being a mother. I know I won't be just any mother; I will be your mother. I want you to know how blessed I am to have this privilege. Something inside me tells me that you are especially for me, and that you will teach me things I don't even know I need to learn. It's all a little overwhelming if I think too much about it.

I love you baby boy. We're waiting for you.

love always (& forever),


bits & pieces.

From top left, going clockwise:

  1. A storm on our way home from Mesa. It was our last trip there before the baby comes. 
  2. Fries, fry sauce, and a brownie delight from Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Mesa. I worked there in high school, and I missed the custard & fry sauce.
  3. Freshly baked banana bread courtesy of TJ. He's been cultivating his skills since he took the summer off from school. It may or may not be better than my banana bread.
  4. Super adorable thank you cards gifted to me at my baby shower. I don't really want to give them away....
  5. 36 weeks, 3 days. I was sorta miserable because my back was really bothering me. I went to the chiropractor a couple days later and it helped a lot even if the pain isn't completely gone.
  6. Last Saturday was super humid and we happened to be running errands during happy hour at Sonic. Half-priced Rt. 44 Strawberry Breeze Slushie, don't mind if I do.
  7. My rough draft of our birth plan. It's all typed up now, ready to go in my hospital bag.
  8. A couple weeks ago, we took a drive after picking something up. We love driving around rural areas, and then around neighborhoods and dreaming of home-ownership.
  9. First load of baby laundry, done yesterday. Everything is so tiny!
  10. 37 weeks, 1 day. Even though I might look smaller because the shirt is looser, I'm not. I think you can see that he's dropped a bit in this picture too. 
  11. Sneak peak of a sketch I did for the nursery.
  12. Giant cupcake from my baby shower in Flagstaff. The red velvet was tasty :)
  13. (Middle) I basically crash on the recliner when I get home from work. 37 weeks, 4 days (yesterday) and wearing a shirt from high school (it's really long and stretchy).
I promise I still have a real camera...I've just been real lazy. These pieces are precious though. 

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