San Diego.

TJ and I love road trips. We actually enjoy spending time in the car together, without any distractions. Just the two of us, our music, and the road stretching before us. We love to take in the different scenery as we drive, to talk about anything and everything, or to sit in silence. Well, this all might change a little bit once baby boy arrives, so we decided to take one last road trip as just a couple to one of our favorite places on earth: San Diego.

We spent our honeymoon in San Diego, so we thought it only appropriate that we celebrate our 2-year anniversary there as well. We fell in love with the area much so that we've decided to make it a yearly tradition. Next year, my parents plan on joining us and we'll have a bouncing 9-month-old to mix things up. 

I took over 300 pictures, but here are a few of my favorites. We were lucky to save on hotel costs by staying with TJ's aunt and uncle in their home in Carlsbad, so we hung around the La Costa area quite a bit.
[We ate here, at our favorite So. Cal. retreat, twice. I recommend the California Scrambler, the Acai Bowl, and the Banana Walnut pancakes (mostly because that's all I've tried...I'm sure it's all good though!). And now I'm craving Swami's. We got breakfast our first morning there, and then walked next door to a surf shop and got TJ a hat. Then we went down the street to the Encinitas Surf Shop, where I scored a fully-lined Sherpa hoodie for $20. I actually wore it a few times while we were there (gotta love the May Gray) and it will come in quite handy this fall.]

[I had never been to the San Diego Zoo before, so we made that our adventure for a day. I especially liked the elephants and the monkeys. There was a lot we didn't see, though, so I hope we go back soon!]

[TJ's Auntie Apryl played our gracious hostess/guide. She let us come stay with them even though they were packing up and moving back to AZ this same weekend. She's a saint!]

[We were dreaming of the beach for months before we went. Apryl & Tim's home was literally about a mile from the beach, so we stopped by there quite a few times. One night we went just after sunset when there was barely any light left, and sat by the key watching waves crash against the rocks. I love the smell, the wind, the sand, and the waves. As we sat there, I couldn't help but be in awe of the beauty and power behind the ocean, and the Power that created it.]

[Tim drove the truck with everything in it to AZ on Saturday, while Apryl stayed behind to finish their sons' school year and stayed with a friend. We improvised and stayed on an air mattress, using a beach towel as a sheet, and found a nice blanket at Target because we forgot to bring one. It was a fun part of our adventure, and we won't ever forget staying in a totally empty house]

[Any true vacation should include amazing food. We enjoyed the experience of this totally retro diner in San Diego. Guy Fierre even came here with his Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and they had a huge picture of him on the wall. All of the waiters and waitresses are completely decked in 50's dress, there's a live DJ playing 50's classics, and every booth has a TV with a reel of clips from old TV shows and movies. The waiters and waitresses also spontaneously burst into song and choreographed dance. The food is pretty good too. Like I said, it's quite the experience.]

[And here are two of the coolest kids around. I love L's face! These two were head-over-heels for TJ and his Xbox skills. PS, I was 28 weeks this weekend...the bump looks so small compared to now.]

Overall it was a great vacation. I love that we were able to escape for a a little bit and make memories and establish traditions. I can hardly wait to watch our baby boy play in the sand... next year!


  1. Oh so jealous! We weren't able to get away before little Miss came and we LOVE San Diego! ;) So happy that you got to go back and visit the honeymoon spot!

  2. I've never been to San Diego (except when I was tiny, so I don't think that counts), but these photos really make me want to go!!

  3. Happy second anniversary trip haha :)

    San Diego looks beautiful!

  4. Roadtrips really are the best! Especially roadtrips to San Diego! Haha. Race and I fell in love when we went this summer and we just might have to make it a yearly tradition as well! Also, I absolutely love your bump inn all of these pictures! Can you believe how much it has grown in the past few weeks though?! I feel like I'm about to outgrow my MATERNITY clothes!!


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