The bible refers to it as being "with child."
My grandma's generation calls it "pg."
In Belgium, they call it being "full."
Today, it's referred to by numerous names:
 prego, preggers, knocked up, expecting,
and many more.

Whatever you call it, it's quite an interesting experience.
I hope you're enjoying reading about mine,
and maybe even relating to it a little bit.

Well, fellow woman-with-child, Mikelle, kindly compiled a list of a few other bloggers who are all currently pregnant! So, visit this post if you'd like to follow along on their adventure as well.
We're all at varying stages, so it's fun to see the differences!
[35 weeks exactly, post baby shower]


  1. You are one gorgeous and glowing momma-to-be!

  2. my friend and fellow blogger Tausha is also pregnant...15 weeks. You might enjoy her craziness, and maybe be able to give some insights into the world of pregnancy.


  3. Your belly is so dang cute! I found your blog through the Honeypie Archives! Look forward to seeing your little baby here in the next little while (:

  4. I love this picture of you! :] And I loved Mikelle's cute bump compilation! So many cute pregnant girls!


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