Dear Wild Thing,

[basically 34 weeks]

One of mommy's favorite children's books is Where the Wild Things Are by a man named Maurice Sendak. I love it because it teaches about imagination and how sometimes it's OK to be mad. It teaches that parents will always be there for their children, and never abandon them, even if they're naughty. I love it even more now because it reminds me of you. You're already a little wild thing, and I can hardly wait to witness the craziness that you will most definitely bring to our lives. No really, I can't.

One example of your antics was at the doctor's office a few weeks ago. As the doctor put the microphone to my stomach, he had to search a little bit for your heartbeat because you were moving around so much. When he finally picked it up, you hit the microphone. You did this two or three times and had us all laughing at your seeming indignation.

We've reached the final stretch; it's hard to believe that you could join us now in less than 4 weeks! Daddy and I still have a lot to do to prepare for your arrival, but I'm still savoring these little moments that we have left. The alone time with your dad, and my constant alone time with you.

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I told Daddy on Monday that I didn't think this is where I would be at twenty-two: married for over 2 years, have a college degree safely tucked away for 6 months now, working a full-time job outside of my educational field, and be 7.5 months pregnant. I am so happy that I am here though.

My birthday morning you gave us a little show with your antics. Daddy made me a birthday breakfast in bed with eggs and bacon, and when I used my protruding belly as a table, you made my plate rock back and forth and all over the place. It was quite funny. Speaking of Daddy, he's getting quite impatient to meet you and he's so excited to hold you in his arms. I am too-excited to hold you and to watch my husband be your Daddy.

On the fourth of July, I helped my friend Amy with her brand-new baby and it made me wish you were the one I was holding...watching you sleep and soothing when you cry. I know it will be soon, but I wonder what you'll look like, what your personality will be. It's amazing to me that not only is there something wiggling inside of me, but that something is a tiny person with a tiny personality that I will have the privilege of watching grow and learn. That something is you.

But for now, my little wild thing, stay where you are all snug in my belly, and we will prepare for your arrival. And please, learn what my bladder is and how to avoid it.

love always,


  1. Oh you make my heart happy! I may have shed a tear or two reading this! I love it!

  2. You look awesome in that picture. And this was a very sweet post!

  3. I love this post! :] Your wild thing is going to be so fun! And isn't holding a baby when you have a big bump just so goofy?! Did your wild thing manage to kick Amy's baby much? Haha.


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