my maternity must-haves.

I know there are probably tons of these floating around the internet, and some with much more credibility, but I was sharing these tips with one of my recently impregnated best friends, so I thought I might share them here as well. I'm by no means a fashion expert, and I'm not a maternity expert either. These are just things I've learned during pregnancy, and what's worked for me.

1. A good pair of stretchy pants. (Please tell me you just quoted Nacho Libre in your head.)

This is something I put off investing in until a couple weeks ago, and I don't know why I waited so long. I love  my new yoga pants and I would wear them everywhere if I could. The stretchy, fold-over waistband is super comfortable, and would've been great even from the early stages of pregnancy when I just felt bloated. I just got them in my regular size, and they seem to have enough stretch to them. I can be comfortable, yet still look somewhat nicer when going to the store or lounging around the apartment. Plus, they'll be really nice after giving birth when people want to visit, and I don't want to get dressed. Plus also, TJ loves the way they make my butt look ;)

2. A good pair of maternity pants.

Oh maternity pants. You are quite the struggle. I had a hard time with this, since I needed nice pants for work. Also, most maternity pants didn't fit until I was at least 19 weeks or so. I got this pair at Old Navy (the "Essential Trouser" or something). I spent around $20 because I had a coupon and they were on sale. I didn't love them though...they were a little too short. SO, I used this tutorial, and made them skinny, and now they're my favorite pants besides the yoga pants. They've got some stretch (a must!) to them, I can wear them to work, and I can wear them pretty much anywhere else.

I also just recently bought these ones from Shade, and while I love them, they currently have a stain that I'm trying to get out, because apparently I forgot how to eat without spilling on myself. I love the fit, but the waistband is a little bit too tight for my liking (at 30 weeks now). I got the size I normally wear, and I think any bigger would've been too big everywhere else. I think these would be nice to have even earlier in pregnancy.

 (PS, thank you all for your tips in response to my other post.)

3. Knit tops. Knit tops. And more knit tops.

Are we seeing a trend in the stretch department?? Yes, yes we are. For me, knit has been my best friend. I would love to walk around swathed in knit all day, every day. And, knit is pretty popular these days, and comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and prints. I am still wearing quite a few knit shirts from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and my new favorite maternity top is a luxuriously soft knit from Shade Clothing. I love the length, I love the cut, and I love the stripes. I used to be scared of stripes making me look wider, but I already look that way now, so I find myself more and more drawn to them. I've found that a large in regular clothing now fits my pregnancy frame, and the longer the better. I also have 2 stretchy undershirts that I got for $5 each at Ross that are staples in my wardrobe.

[Some of my pre-pregnancy knit tops also do really well as maternity because of the stretch. This one also has an empire waist, which gives me some definition, and a criss-cross "wrap" top, so it'll transition nicely into nursing. Who knew this Target clearance find would be so versatile?]

4. Maxi skirts, comfy dresses, and elastic-waisted anything.

[I apologize for the crappy picture quality...I don't know what is up lately. Also, that's the favorite top I mentioned.]

I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, but I finally made myself a maxi skirt. I followed this tutorial, and it was super easy. I'm not sure how much yardage I actually used (probably about 2), since the knit I bought was $1.99/yd for 60" wide (yeah....I made a skirt for around 4 dollars). Anyways, the fold-over waistband is super comfy, as is being draped in knit (I think I already mentioned this was my dream). It's not perfect, and I still need to hem it, but it is an amazing addition to my wardrobe (even postpartum).

I can also wear this skirt still (just below my belly), thanks to the elastic waistband. And I'm sure you all remember this dress (I can't believe I thought I had a bump's so tiny!). It still works just fine now that I'm significantly larger. Basically, I've been able to make some things work, and I've been able to make things for my wardrobe and remain on a lower budget.

5. Basically, comfort is essential.

The truth is, regardless of the size of your belly, I think comfort is essential when you're pregnant. Personally, I think most of these can apply to any stage of pregnancy. I wish I would have invested in some things (like yoga pants and a Be-Band) sooner so that I could feel more comfortable. However, I'm a big fan of making a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes work. Being pregnant is so exciting, but it's also sorta uncomfortable sometimes. I think it's important to be able to feel cute and non-frumpy, especially when you feel the opposite of cute some days, yet still be comfortable.

Hope these are helpful to somebody!


  1. Love that maxi skirt! How did you find the material for $1.99??? I went to 3 different stores this week and couldn't find anything cheaper than $10 a yard, and ended up just caving and buying it.

  2. Great advice, those outfits look so cute and comfy! Bravo on making some of your own stuff too. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I saw the be-band at target one day and I knew that my sister's belly was starting to grow and she wasn't sure what she should buy first so I called her and told her about it. She says its the best thing! It hold her pants up and with them unbuttoned and she doesn't have to buy a bunch of maternity pants! I'm not even married yet but I love your cute style and I will definitely file these ideas away for future use. :)

  4. HOW cute are you!? oh my goodness! We are due with a little boy September 3rd! I'm so happy I found another cute pregnancy blog! Love your dress!! Our blog is


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